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The first agent I submitted to

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LongGoneBeforeDaylight Tue 27-Aug-13 23:32:14

Has requested the full manuscript. It's an enormous agency too. Sent it last week. Hand holding please while I wait?

GrendelsMum Wed 30-Oct-13 18:02:20

Mmm - not sure. Might start identifying a key list of people to target via the list you recommended.

I've submitted to one other so far. Do you think I should go for more at the same time?

TunipTheUnconquerable Wed 30-Oct-13 18:25:49

I think normal practice these days is to do it in batches of half a dozen or so. I have only seen one this time round that expects exclusive submissions.

BigPawsBrown Wed 30-Oct-13 19:30:08

She's postponed the meeting to nov 12th!! She had good reasons though...

TunipTheUnconquerable Wed 30-Oct-13 20:22:15

Oh, that's a bit frustrating.

GrendelsMum Thu 31-Oct-13 10:55:07

Doesn't she know we're waiting!

I've gone ahead and spent the morning submitting to a few more agents, so it's now with 5 people.

TunipTheUnconquerable Thu 31-Oct-13 11:47:00

Good luck with all of them.
I don't want to go public with where I am with mine, but will update when I have definite news.

GrendelsMum Thu 31-Oct-13 11:50:12

Very sensible - fingers crossed...

TunipTheUnconquerable Tue 12-Nov-13 09:02:01

Keeping fingers crossed for you today, BigPaws.

BigPawsBrown Tue 12-Nov-13 12:14:43

Thank you! Very nervous!!

BigPawsBrown Wed 13-Nov-13 00:45:02

It was good, but I don't have an agent out of it. She was so, so nice about my writing and I need to work on plot. She would like to see a revision or the next thing I write...

ninah Wed 13-Nov-13 07:15:43

Excellent! did she give you pointers to revise to? I've had this a lot lately, rewrote for one agent and it still not right, now another one has said would be interested in rewrite but I can't face it just yet. Have some reader feedback coming soon, hopefully that'll help!
Did you have lunch? I've always wanted to say 'lunch with my agent'!

TunipTheUnconquerable Wed 13-Nov-13 09:10:22

Oh wow, it sounds like you are almost there! If an agent says nice things about your writing and is prepared to put the time in to the extent of asking you for a meeting, you have to take that seriously. It never happens to 99% of aspiring writers!
So, what are your plans for working on plot? I learnt a lot from 'Plot and structure' by James Scott Bell, and recently, from 'The Anatomy of Story' by John Truby.

BigPawsBrown Fri 15-Nov-13 00:45:00

Yes I've been doing a lot of thinking. My idea for a second novel has a better concept and I have spent two hours tonight with my dad, who is very imaginative, coming up with different plot threads. Really pleased with it and there is so much more going on than in my first book. I want to write this one and send it to her. She did say she would be very excited to receive a book from me in the future smile

TunipTheUnconquerable Fri 15-Nov-13 15:12:00

Fantastic grin

It sounds like this whole process has been hugely useful in your development as a writer and when you come to sub the next one you'll be streets ahead of where you were this time - as well as this agent you'll have all the ones who said nice things about your book to target, you know what aspects of your writing to work on, you've got experience of the submissions process and will know how to emotionally pace yourself so it's not so draining, and above all you can write from a place of much greater confidence because you've had an actual agent who loves your writing so there is NO QUESTION about whether you can write smile

Best of luck with the next book & keep us posted!

BigPawsBrown Fri 15-Nov-13 19:06:51

Thank you so much! When you put it like that you are right... Just feels like a mountain to climb at the moment, must just keep at it!

She said I write a lot like David Nicholls, I nearly died grin

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