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Non Fiction Kindle Publishing

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nannynick Sat 02-Mar-13 14:54:23

MmeGuillotine has a great guide to publishing on Kindle on her blog and having read that some time ago now, I keep getting the urge to publish my first thing on Kindle.

However I am not a storyteller. For those who have come across me on the Mumsnet Childminders Nannies Etc section, you will probably have realised that I know quite a lot about various subjects around childcare - such as employing a nanny. My blog exists but I do not really have the time to keep writing entries, so I am looking at changing to writing guides to various things, like Nanny Ofsted Registration, which would be self-published on Kindle, maybe on other systems... is Nook popular?

Has anyone published non-fiction? Any tips? Do all the tips for publishing fiction equally apply for non-fiction?

Punkatheart Sun 03-Mar-13 18:36:33

Have you tried the traditional route first? All you need is an idea and a good pitch...then talk to a publisher.

Non-fiction doesn't need a good storyteller. It needs clarity of fact (scrupulously checked) and chapter headings that are great to read.

I have helped a friend with non-fiction - but only in traditional publishing, where you can add really good photographs. One of the disadvantage of Kindle.

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