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Anyone write poetry? I wrote my first poem yesterday.

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icepole Sun 23-Sep-12 12:54:20

I have never written a word in my life until yesterday. I watched something on line and it blew me away and inspired me to give it a go. I went to try writing something and ended up writing four! And I enjoyed it a lot. In my mind they are written to be spoken out loud more than read (or is this the same for all poetry?).

So I was not good at English at school or anything like that so I am wondering is there somewhere I could learn more? And how can I know if what I am doing is any good or total crap?

GrendelsMum Sun 23-Sep-12 20:32:57

That sounds great - congratulations!

There are plenty of creative writing courses you can go on - your local FE college probably runs one, and your local library is probably the best place to go to find out more information.

I don't think it matters at the moment if the first poems you ever wrote are works of genius or total crap - what matters is that you enjoyed it, you felt inspired, and that you feel you expressed yourself.

If you go to a class, you'll hear other people share their writing and their experiences, and you'll learn about new techniques and ways of writing.

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