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Anyone find that what they like to read isn't the same as what they're good at writing?

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HelpWhatToDo Wed 11-Jul-12 00:33:44

I only write for fun, but when I do I'm quite comedic in style.

In 'real life' I mainly read biographies and factual books, history, psychology and the like.

VisuallyChallengedFiend Tue 10-Jul-12 15:31:18

E.g., I really enjoy literary fiction - Ian McEwan, Julian Barnes, Hilary Mantel, Rose Tremain, Alan Hollinghurst to name a few.

But that isn't what I am good at writing at all - I'm much better at more plot-driven stuff like thrillers, crime fiction etc. and that is what I mostly write (nothing published yet). I guess it's fine, and at least I have something that I find I'm OK at. I do enjoy reading thrillers and crime fiction too. But periodically I get a bit depressed that I will never be able to produce something along the lines of fiction that I really admire and think is wonderful. It's not just a literary snobbery thing - I do really enjoy lit fic, couldn't put On Chesil Beach and The Line of Beauty down...

Anyone else find this?

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