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PetiteRaleuse Wed 20-Jun-12 11:57:57

Does anyone subscribe to any writing magazines ? Which one/s ? Any good ?

And can you share links to sites you find interesting / useful ?

BetterOnACamel Wed 20-Jun-12 15:53:52

I don't subscribe to any, but do trawl across the interwebs quite a bit to read on the subject. What kind of writing are you interested in?
Here's Poets & Writers Magazine for a start:
PW link

OwlsOnStrings Wed 20-Jun-12 15:56:11

Are you on Twitter? There are various writing bloggers on there who Tweet links to their blog posts. It's a good way of finding useful blogs to follow.

OwlsOnStrings Wed 20-Jun-12 15:57:33

There's one here aimed specifically at female writers Mslexia

Alurkatsoftplay Wed 20-Jun-12 16:08:51

I second Mslexia. It's great.

PetiteRaleuse Wed 20-Jun-12 16:26:39

Yes I actually find myself reading more blogs than anything else.

I like Mslexia

shumway Wed 20-Jun-12 16:28:54

Another vote for Mslexia smile

vivandtom Thu 21-Jun-12 07:08:46

I read this one regularly,

Has lots of new writing and opportunities for writers to get published.

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