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hand holding please- book on submission

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toni76 Wed 30-May-12 15:49:01

So my agent has sent my book out to publishers this week and I am so nervous I can't concentrate on anything else. He said to try not to think about it until Mid-June, but 'tis impossible. my DH is being lovely but I can't go on wibbling at him about it........

skrullandcrossbones Wed 30-May-12 15:50:04

Good luck toni. How many publishers has it gone to? Is it a novel or a factual book?

toni76 Wed 30-May-12 18:05:05

thanks skrull! it's a novel, and it's gone to an initial list of 6. it's probably sitting unread on their desks now while they sunbathe, the bastards....

Novelist Thu 31-May-12 22:52:09

Good luck! Is this your first novel? Has it gone out in the UK, or the US? All the best!

toni76 Fri 01-Jun-12 10:48:48

thanks novelist - yes, it's my first. Just the UK. I'm utterly failing on the "not thinking" about it front, and we're going on holiday tomorrow. I'm going to be horrible to everyone..

allbie Fri 01-Jun-12 11:00:56

Enjoy the anticipation! All the very best luck in the world!

Novelist Fri 01-Jun-12 14:42:46

With four days off, eds will probably be getting quite a bit of reading done!

GobblersKnob Fri 01-Jun-12 14:44:22

Oooh, good luck, I hope to be in your position one day, fingers very crossed for you.

iloveACK Fri 01-Jun-12 14:45:52

Well done & fingers crossed for you grin

toni76 Fri 01-Jun-12 16:19:35

thanks all! they're probably all off at Hay though....swanning about with the proper writers envy.
Go for it Gobbler - altho' I feel permanently sick, I've got a good agent, and that's a hugely brilliant feeling. More than I got for my first, admittedly much crapper, novel.

toni76 Fri 01-Jun-12 16:20:25

btw, I'm not normally so illiterate when I write - which is probably a good thing!

SecretSpi Fri 01-Jun-12 21:18:29

That's great news but I do feel for you - it must be nerve-bitingly-fingernail-wracking, or something. Good luck!

skrullandcrossbones Sat 02-Jun-12 07:54:54

Very good luck. I have been through it too, and know what it's like. It does take a while to hear back. It is a really tough business. Let us know as soon as you hear anything!

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