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Anyone else writing a non fiction book?

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mymumdom Tue 06-Sep-11 18:33:31

I have had an idea for a one and have run it past a friend of mine who is a literary consultant. She's said it's a good idea , and I'm now working on how to organise the chapters.
I wondered if anyone else was writing non fiction on here. I'm finding the thought of all that research quite daunting! How do you find the time to work on it?

Novelist Wed 07-Sep-11 06:31:09

I'm writing two at the moment -- one is a travel memoir and the other is non-fiction narrative, written with two other mothers. By far, the memoir is so much easier, because there's no real research/gigantic proposal. Have mapped out the proposal for the non-fiction narrative manuscript and... bleh. Can't say I enjoy doing those things!

PeriPathetic Wed 07-Sep-11 06:40:55

Ah, now I'm the opposite - I'm happy doing all the research, not entirely sure how to go about the important bit - writing it - let alone anything else confused.

minxthemanx Thu 08-Sep-11 19:55:58

I posted today under chat, I'm writing about my son's ruptured brain aneurysm, like a narrative account of the day by day experience. It's from the heart and quite harrowing, spoken in my voice, no holds barred. Am wondering how to find the right sort of publisher or agency that might like to look at it.

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