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Anyone out there writing scripts?

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moomiemoo Sun 17-Apr-11 14:05:24

I've always wanted to write a novel but really struggled to get beyond the first couple of chapters so DH (who is a writer but in a very different field) suggested I try my hand at scripts. I turned a novel idea into the first episode of a series and sent it off to the BBC Writers Room last year. They gave it a full read and I got excellent feedback which is amazing considering they only do this with around 5% of the 20,000 scripts they get a year [showoff emoticon]

They have also asked me to submit my next script and they will guarantee it a full read.

I found the process of script writing so much easier than novel writing - it seems to lend itself much more to the way my brain works and I like being able to piece together a script as it goes.

So, I am now working on a script to send to them which will probably end up being film length (although originally started off as the first hour of a six part series). I'm enjoying the process but finding it more difficult than last time because I'm starting the ideas from scratch. I wondered if anyone else was doing anything similar and writing a script for TV or film?

SkinittingFluffyBunnyBonnets Sun 17-Apr-11 21:06:53

Me! I write scripts, my first radio play was shortlisted for a biggish award via BBC pipped to the post....(bugger them) but I have had commissions for my comedy sketches quite a few times for BBC Radio 4.

I have also had a short play on in a Manchester theatre and am now working on a stage play.

Have you tried radio plays? The appetite for them is huge in comparison to BBC Radio 4 have them on so regularly. Listen Again is good for a catch up if you dont have time to hear them daily.

moomiemoo Tue 19-Apr-11 18:35:03

So there are two of us!!

Congratulations on your success with the writersroom and well done the commissions - do you mainly write comedy?

Great idea about the radio 4 scripts and I will definitely try a couple on listen again. They do say write what you know and I know very little about radio!

I had a bit of a breakthrough this weekend on plot so I'm hoping to get the first draft of my next script finished by the end of the Easter weekend if I get enough time without child shaped interruptions.

SkinittingFluffyBunnyBonnets Tue 19-Apr-11 20:25:11

Not mostly comedy no, my drama usually has a comic element though. I'm struggling with my play at the moment as I keep doubting it...I'm actually thinking of scrapping what I've done and starting a new one this evening.

Radio is fab once you get your head around the fact that there's no budet limits and sound effects are your only means of painting a scenic picture.

It's very liberating as you can go anywhere you like location wise...I advise listening to a few...and when you find one you like you can re-listen to it a few times.

I might give radio another bash soon...glad to hear about your breakthrough!

Frizzbonce Wed 08-Jun-11 11:43:43

moomiemoo - congratulations on the feedback for a start. It must have been very good for the Writers Room to take notice - they are inundated with scripts. SkinittingFluffyBunnyBonnets is right - there is a huge appetite for radio plays. I've written several and a few series, so my suggestion is this: Have a listen to some R4 plays and take note of the producer's name at the end of the programme. Some producers work in-house and get 80% of the output, and some are Independent Producers and have to fight for the remaining 20% of the output, so you'll stand more chance of a commission if you can get an inhouse producer. Then send the producer a few paragraphs on your idea and mention the good feedback you had before. You don't have to write the script - it's the idea they want. If the producer likes the idea you can work up an offer together. Don't be shy - producers need writers! And it's easy to find the email address - at the Beeb it's all the same - ie

As for the writing, you just have to grit your teeth and bang out the crappy first draft so you have something to work with. Which is of course what I should be doing now - after I've had a cup of coffee. And folded the ironing. And er . . . .sharpened my pencils.

wordfactory Thu 09-Jun-11 10:48:23

I'm a novelist...but I have started dipping my toes into the script water. Had a play produced on radio and trying to work on other projects.

Interestingly, though I began writing books with no expereince other than having read them grin i feel like I ought to know more about the scriptwriting craft...perhaps it is just the lack of comfort zone speaking.

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