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Anyone else writing horror? Do you find you upset yourself?

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SpringchickenGoldBrass Thu 14-Apr-11 23:02:30

While I love reading horror this is really the first time I've tried to write any, and I keep scaring myself. Does this happen to other people?

Punkatheart Fri 15-Apr-11 09:48:40

I have done horror and generally, no - I don't scare myself. But this is early days for you. Check out Shock Totem - a very good literary horror site. Or Bloodlust.

Good luck with the writing. Nothing better than spending the day with zombies and serial killers!

SpringchickenGoldBrass Fri 15-Apr-11 11:56:25

Ooh I will have a look, thank you. I think the reason I'm spooking myself so much is because my first-person protagonist is a single mum and therefore has to protect not just herself but her little DS... got an early scene where they are menaced by the Things in a deserted rundown playground...

ninah Sun 17-Apr-11 18:48:22

I would love to write horror but I am useless at it. Fearless, but useless!

atswimtwolengths Sun 24-Apr-11 19:12:03

I scared myself in a chapter in a book I've written, SCGB. I didn't know where the body was hidden and I had the heroine walking around and I had less idea of where it was than she did. When she found it, it was a kind of "Oh of course! That's where it was!" moment.

The phone rang halfway through that scene - I have never jumped so high in my life.

MyLittleWerewolf Fri 27-May-11 12:31:14

SCGB I'm writing horror at the moment - the story I'm currently writing is very visceral which is a sidestep for me as I usually tend to write the 'OOoooOOOh, what's out there in the dark' type of stories and this is a real gore fest. No idea why, it wasn't my intention.
It does tend to scare me though, I sometimes find myself looking over my shoulder or drawing my legs up onto my chair if its a particularly scary chapter.

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