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Kids' short story - cheap and easy way to make it LOOK like a book?

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BelfastBloke Mon 27-Sep-10 10:11:28

Am writing a story 'starring' my niece as a present for her birthday.

Is there a cheap way to bind it and make it look like a book?

I am not talking about self-publishing where you have to have many copies -- just a one-off.

SolidGoldBrass Mon 27-Sep-10 10:13:26

Go to a POD publisher like - you don;t have to have more than a single copy and they are not very expensive - self-publisihing no longer means having to order 500 copies.
You can download templates (which work in WOrd) and the paper quality, print quality etc is perfectly acceptable.

lifeinagoldfishbowl Mon 27-Sep-10 10:17:30

I use bonus print for things like that - they make a compact book for £7 which you can edit with words and personalise with pictures.

I have made several of these books and they always go down well.

BelfastBloke Mon 27-Sep-10 10:18:21

Thanks so much

ShanahansRevenge Mon 22-Nov-10 22:18:53 interesting!

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