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Bread sauce - is it just a Proddy thing?

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BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 23-Dec-20 16:08:35

Long version - my DM (Prod) has always served bread sauce with Christmas dinner when I was a child. Sometimes we would go to Dad's side of the family (Catholic) for Christmas dinner and I can't remember clearly whether we had bread sauce then or not, but I think we did. Certainly when they came to us there weren't any comments about Mum serving bread sauce, but perhaps they were being polite.

This morning DH was shopping in Dunnes and there was no bread sauce, I wanted fresh but would have accepted packet mix, but nothing at all. He asked a couple of employees but they had never heard of it, however they weren't Irish so it could just be something that they're not aware of.

DH (Asian, so thinks a sauce made from bread is weird and unnecessary) was on a video chat with his friend when I walked into the room and he told me that he couldn't find it. His friend (Irish Catholic) had no idea what bread sauce was either, he's the one that suggested it's a Proddy thing. When I thought about it I realised that I had only ever bought fresh bread sauce from M&S, so imported into Ireland, but I still feel like I've seen packet bread sauce around in other places too.

So, which is it?
a) Everyone knows and uses bread sauce
b) It's just for Protestants
c) Condiments don't have a religious affiliation
d) Only a slattern would buy it instead of making it herself.

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Atalune Wed 23-Dec-20 16:09:54

I have no idea but this has tickled me.

oneglassandpuzzled Wed 23-Dec-20 16:10:40

It’s like Protestant traybakes all over again! 😃

TheMandalorian Wed 23-Dec-20 16:10:53

Dh norfolk family have bread sauce. I have never heard of it.

Sittinbythetrees Wed 23-Dec-20 16:10:54

What is a proddy?

Finfintytint Wed 23-Dec-20 16:11:12

C and D grin

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Wed 23-Dec-20 16:11:36

I was raised Catholic and we never had bread sauce. Sounds revolting tbh.

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 23-Dec-20 16:12:05

C and D.

alliejay81 Wed 23-Dec-20 16:12:37

I'm English Catholic (just drawn in by the title) and I've never had bread sauce in my life!!

AppleKatie Wed 23-Dec-20 16:13:20

Irish Catholic’s in my family just demanded it for Xmas dinner.

So make of that what you will. They could be outliers.

Grittlelayrabbit Wed 23-Dec-20 16:13:21

Totes prod.

SamVimesFavouriteDragon Wed 23-Dec-20 16:13:56

My family do bread sauce - northern, English, Church of England! DH family are Norfolk based and don't have it

Dafspunk Wed 23-Dec-20 16:14:07

Bread sauce loving atheist here.

Bronzino Wed 23-Dec-20 16:14:48

I’m Catholic (Galway) and we always have it.

burritofan Wed 23-Dec-20 16:15:08

Atheist, and it’s D.

BarkHoneyBark Wed 23-Dec-20 16:15:12

Scottish Presbyterian....never had bread sauce till I left home.

BarkHoneyBark Wed 23-Dec-20 16:15:44

Which is weird as a sauce made from bread is v Scottish Presbyterian.

lyinginthegutterstaringatstars Wed 23-Dec-20 16:15:57

I remember my Nan ( catholic) talking about the 'Protestant lemonade' and ' Protestant slice of bread' 😆

AfterSchoolWorry Wed 23-Dec-20 16:16:14

B, just for protestants probably, with the likes of red cabbage and other weird things that don't belong on a Christmas dinner plate.

Also like calling Christmas dinner Christmas 'lunch' 😖😤🙄

Lunch is a sandwich/salad or other small meal that is eaten from plastic or paper with a spork. Dinner is hot and comes on a plate. Gavel.

AgeLikeWine Wed 23-Dec-20 16:16:34

My family are Irish catholics and we always had bread sauce whenever we had a roast. It’s as Catholic as rosary beads.

Lordamighty Wed 23-Dec-20 16:16:51

My half Irish catholic DH is making breadcrumbs for his bread sauce this afternoon.

lyinginthegutterstaringatstars Wed 23-Dec-20 16:16:57


I remember my Nan ( catholic) talking about the 'Protestant lemonade' and ' Protestant slice of bread' 😆

We never had bead sauce in our catholic family.

Glittertwins Wed 23-Dec-20 16:17:03

Always had bread sauce when younger. I don't particularly like it now so don't bother. English/C of E if that helps

KumquatSalad Wed 23-Dec-20 16:17:44

I wasn’t even aware that bread sauce was a thing until a few years ago (Catholic family). I’d never tried it.

A couple of years ago I decided I’d make it since people kept insisting it was a crucial part of Christmas dinner online. So I discovered that it’s lovely and I make it every year now.

MsMamaNature Wed 23-Dec-20 16:18:03

Jesus, I always thought it was an English thing!! I'm Northern Irish and had never heard of it until I met my husband who is from London.

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