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Foreign birth registration

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peppita Sun 13-Dec-20 03:10:34

Hi all,

Wondering if someone can help me.

I'm applying for Irish citizenship through my paternal grandmother.

I have all of the documents needed for myself (the applicant), and for my grandmother.

However, do I also need to send off documents relating to my dad too?

It's quite confusing - sorry!

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Redwinestillfine Sun 13-Dec-20 03:38:33

Yes. I recently did this for my kids and had to put my docs in as well as their grandma's..

peppita Sun 13-Dec-20 04:06:47

Thanks for the reply!

Just wondering, what did you do about the witnesses? I don't think I know anyone who could sign and stamp the documents, so I'm panicking about that a bit!

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Redwinestillfine Sun 13-Dec-20 08:38:58

We got a solicitor friend to do it but you can ask drs or solicitor firms (for a fee).

bellinisurge Sun 13-Dec-20 13:21:18

Hi, I did this for my daughter. She has two Irish born grandparents via me and dh. However, we chose to use my Mum's details for the rather ghoulish reason that Mum has passed away and there is a death certificate for her. My FIL is very much alive and we would have needed to find a fair bit of documentary ID for him. Which he doesn't really have.
Although, I still had to find documentary ID for my Mum and for me because we had both name changed when getting married. I also need my own grandmother's maiden name because that was on my mother's birth certificate.
The Live chat function with the passport office was actually very good and responsive. As was the "this is what you need to give us" list provided.
The easiest route would have been via a male parent and grandparent because there is less likely to be a name change.

bellinisurge Sun 13-Dec-20 13:23:19

Witnesses? We just used a local notary. It was worth it. My nephews used a solicitor friend but we don't have one handysmile

peppita Sun 13-Dec-20 20:54:49

Thanks everyone! Very helpful. I've found someone who can be a witness and has agreed to sign the documents this week!

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