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An Post Address Pal changes

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LadyEloise Thu 03-Dec-20 08:47:42

Does anyone else on Craicnet/Mumsnet use Address Pal ?
They are changing the whole thing - you will no longer be able to collect your parcel from the post office. You'll have to give credit card details to them. Why ?
They're-increasing the price from €3.85 to €6.50 (approximately).
I found it very handy and am really disappointed with the changes.
Anyone else ????

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MarDhea Thu 03-Dec-20 12:59:13

I think it's Brexit, OP. Stuff from the UK will now have to be treated like stuff from the US, with customs clearance etc.

It's a right pain sad

MarDhea Thu 03-Dec-20 13:00:40

It is still an option to pick up from the PO though - it just costs the same as home delivery.

LadyEloise Thu 03-Dec-20 14:03:08

Ok. I find the Post Office handy.
In fact I found the whole thing so handy.
Except for the returns - so expensive.

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anomletteandaglassofwine Thu 03-Dec-20 16:57:16

I have used Addresspal, it is very handy I agree. Online shopping from the U.K.
Is going to be a lot less appealing after Jan 1st, between tax and shipping.

I know I'll be sticking to EU site like mango, stories, Cos, Zara.

As if things weren't bad enough for U.K. retailers. I will never understand the insanity of Brexit, talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

MadameMiggeldy Wed 09-Dec-20 22:45:23

Hopefully Conor Pope will bring out a list of EU alternative sites. I heard discussion somewhere today that Amazon Prime won’t be any good to us in ROI post Jan .

Nollag Thu 10-Dec-20 10:04:37

I bought boots for €59 on the Rieker Germany site
Pavers Ireland have them for €98
Pavers UK £75

It's worth checking out European sites.

Nollag Thu 10-Dec-20 10:45:01

Just to add it cost €65 in total including delivery.
The UK and Irish prices did not include delivery.

MadameMiggeldy Thu 10-Dec-20 20:10:59

Thanks Nollaig. I’m looking for Rieker boots

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