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Toy Show

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Yippeeforme Sun 29-Nov-20 12:24:12

Did anyone see the Toy Show this weekend? Was there a dry eye left in the house? They really pulled it out of the bag this year. What a show.

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honeyrider Sun 29-Nov-20 16:52:05

I think it was the best toy show yet, it was clear a lot of thought went into it and Ryan has such a fantastic way with the children.

The amount of money raised by the end of the show was impressive, over €5 million probably more by now.

I loved how the Irish abroad were included.

Boscoforever Sun 29-Nov-20 18:39:01

I record/watch it every year, and often find it a bit boring.
Missed the audience this year, but by golly, it was fab!
I cried at times. The face on Michael at the end, when Dermot Kennedy came out...if you didn't blub you're broken.
All the kids were amazing. Loved the mastermind bit.
And the money raised makes you proud to be Irish. Fabulous!

JaneJeffer Mon 30-Nov-20 15:33:13

I missed most of it but I saw the lovely little boy with brittle bones and Michael and cried at both of them.

Yippeeforme Tue 01-Dec-20 12:06:14

You can watch it online on rte player for 30 days after the broadcast 😊 We had to watch it the next night because the player didn't cope too well with live streaming abroad.

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LadyEloise Sat 05-Dec-20 17:47:12

It was great.
Ryan is a natural despite "Oh f*ck" gate grin

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