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Children's flu vaccine

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halfpasteleven Sun 04-Oct-20 20:15:20

I'm just wondering if any of you are going to get/have gotten your children the flu vaccine for ages 2-12 this year?
It's a nasal spray..

My DS is 8 and I think I will get it for him.. interested to see others opinions


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dorispiffle Sun 04-Oct-20 20:18:07

I'm not as I'm immunosuppressed and it's a live vaccine. They've had it every other year though and are booked for a non live injection. I don't know why you wouldn't have it

peanut2017 Sun 04-Oct-20 20:30:04

Yeah will definitely get my two done especially with all that is going on. If it can help to take any pressure off the health system then it's worth it

StellaGib Sun 04-Oct-20 20:33:01

Yes definitely, the NHS is going to need all the help it can get this winter.

UnicornAndSparkles Sun 04-Oct-20 20:37:14

Yes, my lg is 3. We paid privately for it when she was too young for the nhs spray. Well worth it

Viv0321 Sun 04-Oct-20 20:45:46

Does the jab cover as well as the spray?

Lovelydovey Sun 04-Oct-20 20:47:28

Ours have already the nasal vaccine at school - so yes.

halfpasteleven Sun 04-Oct-20 21:31:48


Does the jab cover as well as the spray?

That I don't know..
Can I just ask are most of you in ROI? It's the first year it's being rolled out to schoolchildren here so I'm interested to see what other mams think

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Blogdog Sun 04-Oct-20 21:48:31

Yes, definitely. DS3 caught influenza B (he was tested) and ended up hospitalised with complications last winter. He was fine in the end but was quite sick for a while. I wouldn’t want any of my kids to go through that again so swore at the time that I would always get the vaccine in future.

Blogdog Sun 04-Oct-20 21:50:19

I’m in ROI. Am not sure how to get the vaccine but will ask my pharmacist tomorrow. I know the adult version is being rationed at the moment due to shortages but not sure about the kids‘ ones.

Angel2702 Sun 04-Oct-20 21:54:57

Yes one of mine is having it tomorrow. I’ve got mine booked tomorrow as well. Only person not eligible is my 14 year old this year.

halfpasteleven Sun 04-Oct-20 22:21:26


Yes one of mine is having it tomorrow. I’ve got mine booked tomorrow as well. Only person not eligible is my 14 year old this year.

Please let us know how they get on Angel ..
will be booking an appointment for my DS tomorrow with my doctor
Thanks to all of you for the repliessmile

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Procrastination4 Mon 05-Oct-20 09:09:33

If I could get it this year, as an adult, I would. I’ve had it every other year. But this year I won’t be considered part of the group that get it as I’m not a health care worker, over 60, etc etc. I’m a teacher (primary) which is why I’ve had it every other year. Ironically the one year where we really really could do with trying to keep as many teachers as possible in school, I won’t be able to get it!

UnicornAndSparkles Mon 05-Oct-20 09:35:05

@Procrastination4 could you pay privately for it? Lots of chemists offer it. I agree as a teacher you really should be eligible on the NHS.

RizzleDrizzle Mon 05-Oct-20 12:06:53

@UnicornAndSparkles are you in NI

Because You keep talking about the NHS

and this is Craicnet bit and I suspect that the majority of people on this bit will be in RoI where the NHS doesn’t exist.

halfpasteleven Tue 06-Oct-20 22:17:19

Yes probably should have put that in my first post.. I'm in ROI and interested in people's experiences/ thoughts on this from ROI as it's the first year it's been implemented here..

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Procrastination4 Wed 07-Oct-20 01:12:36


*@Procrastination4* could you pay privately for it? Lots of chemists offer it. I agree as a teacher you really should be eligible on the NHS.

I have always paid for it, so that isn’t an issue. I tried making an appointment at my local Boots but as I didn’t fit any of the categories, I was unable to get an appointment. I rang my GP to see if there was any possibility of getting the flu vaccine and the receptionist has put my name down for the next flu vaccine session (around the 14th October). Hopefully I’ll get it then!

LadyEloise Wed 07-Oct-20 18:06:28

Boots gave me an appointment for early November.
I'm going to shop around and see if i can get an appointment sooner somewhere else and cancel the Boots one.

Sapiophile Thu 08-Oct-20 19:54:09

Yes, we moved back to Ireland late last year, and while I want DS to have the flu vaccine (he had it every year at school in the UK), no one seems able to tell me whether it will be rolled out through the schools or whether I need to arrange it myself via GP or pharmacy. Does anyone have any information?

halfpasteleven Fri 09-Oct-20 03:45:26

I had to arrange it myself for my DS, through my GP. Hope that helps .

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GrandAltogether Fri 09-Oct-20 23:12:30

I was going to ask the same question as @Sapiophile, as another new returner. Thank you!

Now I need to fill out the forms getting DS a PPN and mail them, as there are no in-person appointments...

VintageStitchers Sun 11-Oct-20 16:25:14

How do children get the vaccine?
Do you book them in via the GP?

My DH has a blood cancer and I'd booked him an appt. to get his flu jab on a Friday after a friend mentioned it. Unfortunately, the surgery rang and cancelled his appt. saying they've run out of the vaccine and not sure when supplies will be in stock.

It seems a bit disorganised to me. sad

SparkyBlue Sun 11-Oct-20 18:21:35

I'm hoping to give my five and seven year old the vaccine. No one seems to really know what's happening with the kids one. My gp told me to ring back this week. I had my own flu vaccine done in my local pharmacy last week I'm not in the high risk category but DH and DS got an awful dose of flu last Christmas so trying to avoid it coming into the house this year

Oly4 Sun 11-Oct-20 18:23:44

Yes. Yep years ago my daughter had flu and was hospitalised. It was awful

MarshaBradyo Sun 11-Oct-20 18:26:03

My dc have been booked in.

Is there any reason why people wouldn’t?

(If you’re not, why)

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