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Visiting Newry

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Yawnattack Fri 10-Jul-20 11:19:42

Hi all,

The currency exchange rate is very good at the moment from € to £ and I was thinking of a visiting to Newry from Dublin the first week in August. Can anybody who has visited the area or lives there tell me if the shopping centers are open or plan to open before August. Could anybody also tell me if face masks are mandatory in shops?


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Radyward Sat 11-Jul-20 20:47:05

Was up in Belfast yesterday. Masks not mandatory and few wearing them. Hand sanitiser in every shop.. the odd q. But omg so hard to find a loo. Queues for them and a lot of public mood closed. Really enjoyed it ! Oh there are no changing rooms open so v hard to buy but I managed !! Loved the day out shopping and was in castlecourt and Victoria Square. There is a lovely place to eat upstairs over next and upstairs in the SC opposite .

Radyward Sat 11-Jul-20 20:48:31

in Newry that is !! The Sainsbury's in lisburn is great too plus there is a big next home in Newry just at the other side of town in a retail park.

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