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Are they furloughing workers in ROI or just letting them go on the dole?

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HorseOutside Wed 15-Apr-20 01:21:47

I've been laid off from my job, but expect to be able to go back to it when all this is over. I'm getting the Covid payment of €350 per week, which is an emergency payment for 12 weeks. It works out better for me to get that rather than my employer using the 70% wage subsidy.

Zantedeschia Wed 15-Apr-20 01:00:10

There's a few different schemes, Wage Subsidy, a different one for creches who got separate funding, Covid unemployment of €350 a week but you can't claim redundancy if on it (you can if laid off for so long normally). You can claim unemployment if you can't work due to no childcare.

Furlough is lay-off, right? So basically the dole?

gabsdot45 Mon 13-Apr-20 15:14:26

There is a Covid 19 wage subsidy scheme. It pays 70% of average net pay. The difference between the UK scheme is that it can be used to top up wages of employees who's hours have been reduced as well as those furloughed.
I'm a payroll officer and we've been processing this pay in my job. I don't think people have been using the word Furloughed as much here.

Westnorwood Sat 11-Apr-20 10:19:41

They have introduced furlough at 70% of salaries I think the income cap is lowers as well

SlinkyDogg Sat 11-Apr-20 10:13:25

Just that really. I'm curious.

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