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Calls for Government formation

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MarDhea Tue 07-Apr-20 15:22:00

^^ 😂

MrsCobbit Mon 06-Apr-20 23:05:25

Gemma - is that you?

AngelaScandal Mon 06-Apr-20 22:54:27

Leo and the Simons. They sound like a Motown Group from the 50s

LadyEloise Mon 06-Apr-20 16:12:53

Bloody Seanad is right MayFeyner ( love the user name - very clever).
I voted for it to be abolished.
Politicians who failed to get elected by the electorate get spirited in there.
Elitist re having acUniversity panel - I have a vote but don't vote on principle.
A total waste of money.
We are too small a country to be able to support 2 houses of the Oireachtas.

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MayFayner Mon 06-Apr-20 11:15:01

Change the Seanad rule

Couldn’t agree more. If we can set aside our constitutional right to earn a living (not bitching, just pointing out that a MASSIVE point of law has been put on hold) then we can change the rules for the bloody Seanad ffs.

DublinBlowin Mon 06-Apr-20 11:10:56

As a Brit living in Dublin it’s difficult to imagine a better response: Leo and the Simon’s are doing a great job and I’m so relived I’m here and not in London

LadyEloise Mon 30-Mar-20 23:29:27

I agree honeyrider re Micheál Martin.

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GallopingGreen Mon 30-Mar-20 20:10:01

Agree- Leo and team are doing a great job. Consistent messaging. Swift decisive action. Getting the whole country on board with dramatic lifestyle changes.... it would be crazy to change this set up when it is working so well.

honeyrider Mon 30-Mar-20 19:56:18

Leo and the 2 Simon's are doing a great job of what's a difficult situation at the moment and they've inspired so much confidence in dealing with this pandemic so should be left in place until this passes.

Mehole Martin just comes across as so out of touch with the public with his bleating on and on about forming a government, that's his priority at the moment.

LadyEloise Mon 30-Mar-20 19:37:57

So we're on the same page, SionnachRua

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SionnachRua Mon 30-Mar-20 17:37:36

I'm quite happy with how things are going overall. No need to rush into government formation, let's concentrate on dealing with the virus for now. Very happy with how Leo, Simon etc are doing atm.

LadyEloise Mon 30-Mar-20 13:42:08

Right now I don't give a toss about a new government. Keep things as they are for the moment. Focus on Covid19.
I had serious misgivings about Simon Harris and Tony Holohan and indeed the HSE because of various things that have happened including Cervical Check.
I have been proven wrong. They are doing a great job.
Change the Seanad rule as it apoears to be a problem re the Government passing bills.
I voted to get rid of the Seanad.. A waste of money and not democratic.

What are your views re calks for government formation ?

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