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What’s the background to this feud?

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AgentProvocateur Fri 17-Jan-20 06:22:10

Reading about the awful murder of Keane Mulready-Woods, and the article refers to a feud, but doesn’t specify the origin. Is it drugs? I’m from Glasgow, and we’ve had our own ongoing drugs wars, some of which have lasted for years and years.

That poor boy - he was only 17.

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honeyrider Fri 17-Jan-20 11:05:54

It was a gruesome murder, the Gardai had warned him that his life was in danger. He was far from a choir boy and has been reported to be a close family member of the kingpin of one of the gang families. He terrorised others.

Peridot1 Fri 17-Jan-20 11:11:28

Yes it’s drugs. Turf war thing I think.

Should just out the lot of them in a big field and let them fight it out. Las one standing gets life imprisonment. I know that’s not at all logical!

The first discovery of the poor boys limbs was near to where I’m from and I still have family nearby.

I realise he was no innocent himself but bloody hell this was barbaric.

Too many innocent people have been affected by these idiots and there I’m bigger than you stupid wars.

eggandonion Fri 17-Jan-20 11:16:05

We have a local lad, part of a good family, in court for cocaine possession. My Dd told me that a big Christmas party in Dublin, for a multinational, was 'like a snowshaker' with cocaine. That's the far end of this business.
The murder was horrendous, what a world.

honeyrider Fri 17-Jan-20 14:03:39

I've seen some of the photos and videos of a cocaine fuelled Christmas party in Cork and it's resulted in a lot of sackings.

eggandonion Fri 17-Jan-20 15:20:57

Two more people shot in Dublin earlier today as well.

angemorange Fri 17-Jan-20 15:25:49

Really come to something when a 17 year old is considered a gangster and target for something like this. I'm sure he was no angel - but 17??!!

makes me feel sick.

eggandonion Fri 17-Jan-20 16:18:25

I think it was the crime correspondent from the Star pointed out somewhere that normally criminals murder someone, then bury the body or set fire to the car - this goes 'beyond normal criminal'. Far beyond.

Radyward Fri 17-Jan-20 19:36:03

It is unreal
I mean Drogheda must be like a ghost town tonight. Who in their right mind would be out on the streets there when an innocent cabbie gets shot and one of the gang lynchpins was drinking in a pub there on Wednesday..OMG like this lad was a kid. I mean he should be in school playing fifa on the v bkx FGS not mixed up in gangs. Sure its mad
Very worrying as a parent living close to Dublin

eggandonion Fri 17-Jan-20 20:15:41

My dd works in the midlands in health care. For about six months people in her role have not been allowed to do home visits in Drogheda.

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