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Where in Dublin by the sea??

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toddlermom Mon 09-Dec-19 16:52:26

Hi all!

Love advice from anyone who knows Dublin please!!

We are moving to Dublin from London for DH work. So looking for somewhere not too far a commute for him (DART probably). Also by the sea, somewhere where you can walk along the sea - not just look out over it. Also, has to be near to good catholic school for girls ( or mixed) - primary only for now but in 5 years will need secondary. Asking a lot I know!

Any ideas at all? I don't know whether to do north or south of Dublin. Can compromise on not being close to airport as we won't travel that much.

Thank you so much!!

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babysnowman Mon 09-Dec-19 16:58:29

North County Dublin is nice and less expensive than the Southside. Malahide and Portmarnock are beautiful but pricey, Skerries is lovely too and not quite as dear. Most coastal towns in Dublin are expensive though as the main commuter lines run through them.

sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 09-Dec-19 17:14:46

is Bray close enough for your husbands commute? it ticks all your boxes (i think!), with a catholic primary school (link to school website) and secondary school. has good facilities as well. also, can i suggest getting your girls started with learning a little irish? they study it at secondary and primary school. there may be classes near you so it might be worth having a look x

Anoisagusaris Mon 09-Dec-19 17:18:15

Where will your husband’s work be?
What is your budget?

Clontarf is lovely and is close enough to the city centre. Pricey though

hollyangel Mon 09-Dec-19 17:20:11

Are you looking to rent or buy? Will you be working too? House or apartment?

Hl360806 Mon 09-Dec-19 17:29:03

What's your budget? How close to the city would you like to be? Most schools are Catholic and a lot are single sex so I wouldn't say that should be a massive factor in shortlisting areas. Educate Together and Church of Ireland schools tend to be oversubscribed anyway.

Clontarf could be an option if you'd like to be close to town (or Sandymount on the southside, but it's much more expensive).

Bray ticks your boxes in theory but it's known to be a bit rough - Greystones is its nicer, less acquainted with gangland shooting, but also more expensive neighbour to the south.

Dún Laoghaire (pronounced Dunleary)/Monkstown/Seapoint would be my pick along the dart if budget allowed.

Ringsender2 Mon 09-Dec-19 18:26:10

Are you buying or renting, or renting to try out an area?

Most school are Catholic, so all areas will suit from that point of view. However, think about the secondary they might go to if you want to narrow down the area (RC national schools are everywhere; there are fewer secondaries as is normal.)

Where in Dublin is your DH's work going to be?

Rental website:, buying & renting =

It's hard to find rental accommodation. That might be your determining factor on where you live.

toddlermom Mon 09-Dec-19 20:02:21

Thanks so much everyone! We would be looking to buy. Budget just over 2mEuros - I know Dublin is meant to be super expensive for housing though.

I'd be working from home so luckily I don't need to worry about commuting. Just doing school run that's all.

Husband says he happy with 30 min commute. Is the Dart reliable and not too crowded? Compared to northern line it can't be worse I'm hoping?!

Thanks for the advice!

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toddlermom Mon 09-Dec-19 20:04:23

Husband work right in the centre near The Merrion

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 09-Dec-19 20:45:59

ah ok, Bray is 40 minutes by train to the Merrion, or 20 mins by car.

Bodear Mon 09-Dec-19 20:48:54

Don’t consider driving into the city. The dart is busy but probably not bad compared to the northern line.
Skerries is too far out for you. Have a look at Howth - it’s where I’d live if I could afford it.

Anoisagusaris Mon 09-Dec-19 21:21:16

Anoisagusaris Mon 09-Dec-19 21:25:17

This road is lovely, right beside one of the nicest parks in Dublin, St Anne’s.
And beside the sea too.

hollyangel Mon 09-Dec-19 23:26:33

That's a great budget. Have had a quick scan of the first few pages of MyHome and picked out a few for you. Some are under budget, giving you the money to renovate and then some are over budget, as there is lots of wiggle room at this price point apparently.

My choice would be Sandycove. Near the sea for a swim in the Forty Foot, Walk the Pier in Dun Laoghaire, right next to the Dart station for commuting and then beautiful Sandycove village itself to enjoy.

Monkstown/Blackrock/Dun Laoghaire also lovely, DL would be considered slightly edgier, but not really at your budget.
Dalkey is beautiful too, but a little further from town.

Schools are tougher. Do you want to go private or state school? It can be hard to get
Into many primary schools but I do know there is always movement within the upper classes and it would just be a matter of picking an area to live and then contacting schools in the area.

Hope that helps a little! Let us know what you think!

toddlermom Tue 10-Dec-19 00:29:47

That's so kind of you!! Looking at links now!

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Bodear Tue 10-Dec-19 06:28:03

The market here is a bit different in that houses often go for above the advertised price. Think of it as an “offers over” price; if a property has a few people interested the price can increase significantly.
I speak from experience having searched at our budget and then realising that they weren’t the houses we should be looking at.

AfterSchoolWorry Tue 10-Dec-19 06:31:12


hollyangel Tue 10-Dec-19 07:08:52

No problem at all. I love house hunting!

How soon do you need to buy? I was thinking about it last night and it is a huge purchase to make without experiencing a place yourself. Could you rent for 3 months first, to get a feel for Dublin and the areas on the Dart-line you like the look of?

Bodear Tue 10-Dec-19 07:27:31

One other thought OP, the gradient of ‘house for you money’ vs ‘length of commute’ here is really steep, much more so than London, so for a little longer commute you’ll get much more house.

@hollyangel I’m interested in what you say; we found it extremely difficult to find anything decent to rent for less than 12 months.
The rental market here is really expensive and competitive.

toddlermom Tue 10-Dec-19 11:08:34

I know what you mean. It seems easier to find a house to buy than a house to rent! @hollyangel thank you for all advice!

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toddlermom Tue 10-Dec-19 11:11:48

And yes you're totally right, we should rent first to make sure we like the area first before such a huge commitment. Just seems hard to find rental. Husband is moving next month then we will follow at Easter in April. So we could rent til the summer I guess. So hard choosing from such a big area!! Howrh looks lovely but husband says it's too long a commute?? But he's happy with Killiney, Dalkey commute.

Question re the sea in Killiney and Dalkey, can you go for walks along the sea there or is it all built up? I know we drove through one place that had a lovely pier/sea walk but I can't remember which town it was ( we went for a day to look around but they all blur into one!!)

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hollyangel Tue 10-Dec-19 11:35:03

@Bodear rental market is totally insane at the minute. It is much easier to buy than rent. There is very little supply and the rents are ridiculous. I just thought that if the OP moving for work, there might be a moving allowance/package that would give you a generous budget for rent at the beginning.

@toddlermom I found a selection of rental properties in those areas for you below. Again, I would say there could be some negotiating on the monthly figures here and also you might find some of these houses would be willing to sell too?

This house below isn't by the Sea, but in the centre of Dublin town in a fabulous location, if you fancied being v central at the start.

hollyangel Tue 10-Dec-19 11:46:30

@toddlermom Compared to London, nothing in Dublin is really that far. Living in any of these areas you would always be approximately 20 minutes max walk to the sea. Dalkey and Killiney have beautiful coastal walks, but not many exactly on the sea, save for gorgeous Bulloch harbour and then Killiney beach, which is ok, but very rocky.
Dalkey village is beautiful, fabulous eateries and shops, with a lovely atmosphere. If you could all fly over by any chance before Christmas one weekend to soak up the atmosphere in Dun Laoghaire town by the coast and pier, Monkstown village for the restaurants, Sandycove for its overall cuteness and then also everything Dalkey has to offer, it would make your house search far easier than looking in grey January!

Twixes Tue 10-Dec-19 22:26:37

I'd recommend Blackrock, booterstown or sandycove. Much closer to city centre and great purpose built walks along the seafront. Also great schools.

I'm envious. I'd love a 2mill budget to buy a house in these areas!

Twixes Tue 10-Dec-19 22:37:42

I mean sandymount! Sandycove is much further out and a pain in the arse to get to by car. Ditto Dún Laoghaire.

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