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Ms P's father in today's Irish Times

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MotherForkinShirtBalls Sat 07-Sep-19 20:35:59

This is an utterly heartbreaking read. I'm so glad we repealed the Eighth but so sad for Ms P and her family and all the countless women before her who suffered in countless ways.

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AngelaScandal Mon 09-Sep-19 18:22:34

That is heart wrenching.

leaserspottedmummybird Fri 13-Sep-19 15:51:42

It's like something from Frankenstein

Rachelover60 Fri 13-Sep-19 16:23:43

She might be back next week.

MotherForkinShirtBalls Sat 14-Sep-19 09:07:04


Um, what?

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leaserspottedmummybird Sat 14-Sep-19 12:02:07


Have you actually read the story?

AnOojamaflip Sat 14-Sep-19 12:07:10

It was a gut wrenching enough situation at the time, but that article is heartbreaking. He has suffered a lot of a tragedy.

Apileofballyhoo Sat 14-Sep-19 12:12:31

Poor man. I wonder where his grandchildren are living now.

Rachelover60 Mon 16-Sep-19 00:18:47

I haven't a clue why I made that post and don't remember reading this thread before. Maybe my post was meant for another thread. Sorry anyway.

It is a very, very sad story.

PotterHead1985 Mon 16-Sep-19 00:44:37

Jesus the poor family.

Did they ever find out what killed her?

FairyJuice Thu 19-Sep-19 19:11:15

So, so sad sad I feel heartbroken for poor Mr P and for his grandkids too. Sadly, not an isolated event either.

I was a little incredulous when I first read that a lot of the Handmaid's Tale was based in fact, but the more I thought about it, the more I could see it. One part of the most recent series could be based on this story.

Thank god for repealing the eighth.

FairyJuice Thu 19-Sep-19 19:12:14

Sorry I meant the second link to be this

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