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Ireland and Brexit

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beanaseireann Fri 09-Aug-19 10:04:23

I know if Brexit happens it will have a huge impact on Ireland.

On a more personal level is anyone stockpiling buying things in advance that may be difficult or much more expensive to buy in Ireland if Brexit happens ?
If so what do you think these items will be ?

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honeyrider Sun 11-Aug-19 02:20:02

Just leaving this here

Superlooper Sun 11-Aug-19 02:30:34

Lol honeyrider grin

beanaseireann Sun 11-Aug-19 08:40:10

Love it Honeyrider grin

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JaneJeffer Sun 11-Aug-19 08:46:57


threadneedle Sun 11-Aug-19 21:01:01

Actually I was just thinking about getting an early start on Christmas shopping as Sterling is so weak it's almost €=£.

threadneedle Sun 11-Aug-19 21:02:56

On a more serious level, I am very concerned that a no deal brexit could really affect the Irish economy and our day to day lives, but trying not to focus on that as (frustratingly) there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

beanaseireann Thu 15-Aug-19 17:09:56

I agree threadneedle.

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