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Lenient Sentences in the Courts

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beanaseireann Mon 20-May-19 17:01:52

I am just sick of the Irish Justice system.
A taxi driver who sexually assaulted 3 women within a two week period is jailed for 5 years. Some parts of his sentence runs concurrently.
What is wrong with the judges - how are they so out of touch ?
There is no disincentive to crime.
A guy who murdered two innocent Polish men in a gruesome fashion on a Saturday afternoon, was convicted in 2010 is now out on day release despite getting two mandatory life sentences ! I despair for my country.
I am so sad for the victims of crime and their families.
I'll vote for any politician who will help change the current system and improve society for all the law abiding, good citizens.

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Bythebanksof Mon 20-May-19 19:06:02

Politicians are a problem. But so are the judges.

Ní Chulacháin is well known to be very lenient on sex crimes. Her decisions should really spark more outrage. People should take note of her verdicts. As another example,

beanaseireann Mon 20-May-19 19:52:32

The judicial appointments have been political in the past. Are they still ?
I do blame the judges for their leniency, BythebanksofmyonlylovyLee.
Are you from Cork by any chance ?

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Bythebanksof Mon 20-May-19 20:51:06

Yes smile

There is the judicial appointment advisory board that advertises positions, short lists, etc. The government nomination from these lists, the president appoints. It's not as blatantly political as in the past (but it's easy to point to ones that are!! ).

Obviously, as in any field, a person will bring their own elements to a these cases too. You can almost predict the judge behavior... Again, that's both good and bad.

honeyrider Mon 20-May-19 21:07:23

It's a disgraceful sentence. Sentences in Ireland are a joke, no incentive not to violently assault people knowing how lenient sentences for such crimes are yet look at the longer sentences given out for such crimes as importing garlic and classing it as apples.

Paul Carney was another one who was so out of touch and gave lenient sentences for some of the more horrific crimes.

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