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Women going for a night out in Dublin? What do you think?

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Bythebanksof Wed 12-Dec-18 16:22:50

I've not been out in Dublin for 20+ years. In the 90s I never really thought too much about it.

Fights and anti-social behaviour in temple bar area, The recent rape of the poor German student, etc, .... all this happening in what I'd consider a busy city center area ... has me thinking.

Is it that bad going out at night in Dublin? Maybe I'm just getting the bad news.

Blueskywhy Fri 14-Dec-18 07:48:00

This is worth a read

'I hate that I have to warn my daughters on dangers of a night out... but sadly I still do'

beanaseireann Sun 23-Dec-18 10:18:24

When my dc are out for the night I worry.
So many awful stories of random acts of violence and sexual assault.
I hate being in town ( Dublin) at night myself.

ChocolateStash Sun 23-Dec-18 21:00:30

I think most cities and towns have the same potential dangers. Dublin is no different.

Bythebanksof Tue 02-Apr-19 20:51:39

Looks like someone will be charged.

Bravo to the very brave lady for reporting, otherwise these get get away with it, and there are follow on victims. It's great that city centres in Ireland are improving on CCTV coverage too. That is so helpful in criminal cases in the UK system.

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Tue 02-Apr-19 20:55:25

Temple Bar is certainly no worse than in to 90s. That's not saying much mind you. Rivers of wee merging with rivers of puke, as I recall, and stag parties pushing each other through windows.

MondayTuesdayWednesday Tue 09-Apr-19 15:23:06

Most Irish people wouldn't go near Temple Bar. It is full of mostly English stag and hen parties and other tourists but Friday lunch time when the hens and stags arrive is when it gets really bad.

Dublin city has great restaurants, theatres, bars etc and for a small city it has a lot going on.

There are an increasing number of homeless which is very sad to see but overall it is no worse than any other similar sized city and the pocket of temple bar is an extreme and not the norm.

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