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Returning goods to the UK

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beanaseireann Fri 07-Dec-18 17:54:28

I bought some boots on the Internet in 2 different sizes as I wasn't sure of the sizing- I'm an in between size but sizing is different in different brands and they don't do half sizes.
Sadly neither pair are suitable.
They were delivered from the UK by AddressPal - the delivery service from AnPost.
I went to the post office to return them and nearly fainted at the cost of it. It's actually cheaper to send them separately !!!
NEVER AGAIN will I buy footwear online unless I'm sure of my size - lesson learnt.

Does any wise Irish Mumsnetter know of a cheaper way to return goods to England rather than using An Post ?

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Radyward Mon 10-Dec-18 21:43:09

Ring dpd for a quote

beanaseireann Tue 11-Dec-18 08:58:41

Thank you

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Radyward Tue 11-Dec-18 09:52:25

I would send them from the north too if you know anyone heading up shopping !

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