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Irish passport witness

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caoraich Wed 28-Nov-18 17:03:56

Hoping someone can help me!

I'm applying for an Irish passport for my daughter who was born in Scotland. I'm Scottish and her dad is Irish. Luckily we know lots of doctors so can get someone to do the witness / countersignature bit but it's much more specific than the UK passport form was and asks for their official stamp. No one I know has an official stamp. The Irish passport website says if no stamp we should include a letter from the professions governing body or the person's registration card but this isn't something the GMC provides as the info is all freely accessible online. Would a printout of the witnesses GMC page with their registration number on it be OK? Has anyone else had their stamp-less passport approved?

Really don't want to have to shell out to get a different official to do it when I have a surplus of handy doctors!

bumpertobumper Wed 28-Nov-18 17:06:03

Call the Irish embassy, they are usually friendly and helpful with this sort of thing...

Cuckoochime Wed 28-Nov-18 17:09:19

My family's applications were sent off with no stamp, completed and back with us in a week.

Unescorted Wed 28-Nov-18 17:11:54

My renewal didn't have an official stamp. Just call them they are really helpful.

MelanieCheeks Wed 28-Nov-18 17:14:00

I've signed off a few as an accountant. I got an ink stamper with Melanie Cheeks FCA on it from vistaprint for a fiver.

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Wed 28-Nov-18 17:15:26

My GP did mine (for 20 quid, mind). He used the surgery stamp, and that was fine.

For a first passport they may well contact whoever you ask to discuss - my dad did my friend's kids' first Irish passports and they contacted him to briefly interview him as to how he knew them.

LivLemler Wed 28-Nov-18 20:32:57

We sent DD's off a few months ago. Signed by a lecturer, no stamp. They rang him to confirm he knew us, but no problem without the stamp.

MotherForkinShirtBalls Wed 28-Nov-18 20:35:03

The solicitor who signed our dc's form put her professional registration number where the stamp box was.

caoraich Thu 29-Nov-18 13:09:13

Really helpful thank you!
The next problem is that all the doctors I'm likely to see soon are on maternity leave... so as the form insists on a land line not mobile I'm not sure how they'd be contactable if they are likely to be phoned! (I don't just go around collecting doctors, I am one and a bunch of my uni friends and I got pregnant at the same time!)

pennyorange Thu 29-Nov-18 13:20:19

The forms for me and my sister to apply arrived today - yippee!

Does anyone know if the witness be say a retired chartered Engineer or do they have to be in employment?

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