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6onTheHappyFarm Sat 17-Nov-18 15:17:38

We live in Northern Ireland. I'm looking for someone who can come out and look at our garden and advise on what to plant where. We have about an acre, with very little on it in the way of flowering plants, all just drab looking trees.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't want a maintenance type of gardener to push around a lawnmower and trim hedges, but someone with a lot of horticultural knowledge. It's very difficult to work out who knows what when I'm just looking online.

OwThatsGottaHurt Sun 18-Nov-18 10:00:09

Could you speak to someone in your local garden centre? They might have a member of staff willing to come out and take a look- even as a nixer?

6onTheHappyFarm Sun 18-Nov-18 10:21:47

I think I'll give that a go. Any other option seems eye-wateringly expensive.

fivedogstofeed Sun 18-Nov-18 12:37:34

No recommendations, but avoid Maghera Garden Centre. We were also looking for what you say - someone who would tell us what to plant, though actually do the work as well. Nothing they planted for us has worked, and it cost £££££.

I think the best option is to befriend a really local garden centre.

6onTheHappyFarm Sun 18-Nov-18 12:51:56

Thanks for the advice fivedogs.

Velvetbee Sun 18-Nov-18 12:54:58

Do you have a local agricultural college that does a horticulture diploma? Putting a card up on a board there should bring you knowledgeable, reasonably priced people.

6onTheHappyFarm Sun 18-Nov-18 17:43:12

Thanks velvet, I'll have a look at that!

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