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Live at 3

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MotherForkinShirtBalls Tue 02-Oct-18 20:50:55

I was talking to someone today who told me he built some of the sets for Live at 3. I had completely forgotten about it so I went googling. It's been over for more than 20 years! I used to visit an elderly family friend in a nursing home after school and it was always on in the sitting room. It brought back happy memories of the ladies sitting around, most of them half deaf and refusing to turn up/on hearing aids so mumbling and shouting by turn at each other while discussing Thelma's lovely line in shoulder pads smile

MarDhea Tue 02-Oct-18 22:08:39

Oh there's a blast from the past... It used to be on in the background when I got home from school.

I mostly remember lots of pastel shades and seemingly constant guest appearances from wee Daniel. Think I was several decades below the target demographic grin

RuggerHug Wed 03-Oct-18 19:40:25

My DGM performed on the Christmas special. It brings the fear hearing about that show...

MotherForkinShirtBalls Wed 03-Oct-18 20:23:59

Omg, Rugger, is it on YouTube??

RuggerHug Wed 03-Oct-18 20:41:36

MotherForkin it better not be!!
Seriously, it involved a can can and a Mrs Santa outfit.

MotherForkinShirtBalls Wed 03-Oct-18 21:14:30


ludog Sat 20-Oct-18 19:30:48

"Live at three, dead at four" as it used to be called by bold people!

TisMeTheLadFromTheBar Mon 22-Oct-18 21:17:56

"Live at three, dead at four" as it used to be called by bold people!
grin @* ludog* That's very bold! And I just spat my tea out all over the screen blush
Ah, I remember Sonny Knowls singing to the elderly ladies in the audience, Derek Davis grubbing while Brenda Costigan cooked and Thelma Mansfield covering the fashion with her huge shoulder pads and exercise with MaryRose. The days when they had prompt cards instead of teleprompters. Feck it, I'm only in my 30's. They showed clips when Derek (RIP) passed away in 2015. Takes me right back.

TisMeTheLadFromTheBar Thu 15-Nov-18 16:03:33

Aww, Sonny Knowles died today (86 years young) RIP

AhhhhThatsBass Sat 05-Jan-19 22:54:11

Not seen it in years; I presume it’s no longer presented by Thelma Mansfield and Derek Davis?

Apileofballyhoo Fri 11-Jan-19 18:28:01

Derek Davis died I think. There's something similar on but I think it's called The Afternoon Show (if that's still on). No shortage of creative thinkers when naming programmes in rté.

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