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Leaving Cert recheck

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beanaseireann Mon 01-Oct-18 20:43:37

Congratulations Rebecca Carter on taking the State Examinations Commission to court and winning which means she has now been accepted for Veterinary Medicine in UCD.
Following a recheck it was found that whoever marked the paper totted up her marks incorrectly. She gained an extra 10 points - enough to get her the place on the Vet Med course.
However it would not be awarded to her in time for her to gain a place and she'd have to wait for another year ( when points requirements might change ).
Undaunted she went to court and won.
What gobsh*te in the CAO or Dept of Education decided that appeals would not be rectified until AFTER places have been assigned to applicants for third level colleges.
A victory for common sense and for Rebecca and all those whose marks were incorrectly and / or unfairly assigned.

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WhatchaMaCalllit Mon 01-Oct-18 21:02:42

I have always thought it was strange that the recheck results are out after the universities start back....delighted that she won her court case though really surprised that it had to get to that.
It will make it so much better for all of the Leaving Cert students who will follow that they can be expected to get their results before the universities start their courses.

MotherForkinShirtBalls Mon 01-Oct-18 21:03:51

Yes, it was a great outcome for her. The delay in reviewing and rechecking is ridiculous and bears no comparison to the turn around time for the actual exam results.

honeyrider Mon 01-Oct-18 22:47:11

We got my son's honours maths paper rechecked after he viewed it and saw that points to multi-part questions were not including in the final result. Fortunately he had over 150+ spare points so it didn't affect him getting the course he wanted.

I think whoever is marking an honours maths paper should at the very least be able to do basic addition. Over 9000 papers had to be rechecked but it is believed the actual number of papers that were incorrectly marked is way higher because a lot of people and their teachers would have expected higher marks but had enough points for their course.

I was speaking to a teacher who marks papers, he said it's down to laziness for marks not to be added up correctly because there's a double check system in place to avoid this sort of thing and it would be very obvious if the double check system wasn't used.

beanaseireann Wed 03-Oct-18 20:34:12

I agree honeyrider.

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