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Where to go to get DC diagnosed?

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Nonotmenori Sat 11-Aug-18 20:55:12

Hi all,

We have reason to believe to DC may have ADHD. Where in the republic can we go to so we can have it or whatever else it could be diagnosed? We're in the west of Ireland, but happy to drive.


Nonotmenori Tue 14-Aug-18 20:38:58


Leela96 Wed 15-Aug-18 11:01:09

Hi OP,

Have you been to your GP?

You will need a referral from them to see a consultant & they should be able to advise you on who you need to see.

The HSE website has info on getting various conditions diagnosed, so have a look on there .

If you need to wait on a public appointment the waiting lists are long .

If you are going private, there shouldn't be much of a waiting list . But if your GP refers to a Psychiatrist there may be a bit of a wait as I know there are shortages in paediatric psychiatrists in some parts of the country.

The cost of going private is also an issue , expect to pay circa €750- €1000.

Leela96 Wed 15-Aug-18 11:05:13

Sorry I should also have mentioned CAMHS . This is the child & adolescent mental Heath services (CAMHS) within the HSE. If you can access CAMHS they will provide assessment & treatment services .

Again you need your GP to refer you

Nonotmenori Thu 16-Aug-18 19:00:13

Hi Leeya,

Thanks for replying. I'll be honest, our GP there isn't very good. I won't get into it, but we're in the backend of nowhere so not much choice. Would it worth coming to England and getting it done that way? Or try via the hse?

RavenWings Thu 16-Aug-18 19:04:36

I can recommend the Adult and Child Therapy Centre in Dublin, if you'd travel there. Been very good to work with in my experience as a teacher. You would have to pay though.

Leela96 Thu 16-Aug-18 19:32:46

I'm in Ireland too so don't know about the UK but there should be no need to go to the UK .

Don't accept being fobbed off my your GP, insist on a referral to CAMHS.

Failing that change to another GP

Minniemagoo Thu 16-Aug-18 19:43:10

If your child is in school, the school can complete an assessment of need application which is sent to the relevant HSE area child team. There is a time scale which they then have to provide a psychological assessment.

Nonotmenori Fri 17-Aug-18 00:01:12

Thanks for the replies all. Yes my DC is in school. The behaviour in school differs greatly from that at home. We're at our wits end to be honest. I'll find the money if I have too. I was even thinking of going to Harley street clinic until I saw the cost shock

I just want some recommendations anywhere in Eire as I'll drive anywhere if it gets us peace of mind thanksgin

Leela96 Fri 17-Aug-18 16:23:42


Have a look on the Psychological Society of Ireland website and you should be able to find a private psychologist in your region.

I'm not a medical expert but if your DC are behaving in school are you sure ADHD is the issue, as the behaviours associated with ADHD should arise in school too - inattentiveness, hyperactivty, implusiveness.

Again, I'd encourage you to get your GP to refer you to CAMHS.

Leela96 Fri 17-Aug-18 16:25:11


Have you posted on any Irish forums asking for recommendations?

Clairetree1 Fri 17-Aug-18 16:25:32

be careful that you don't end up paying for a very expensive assessment that the school will not accept.

This happens a lot

Best to ask the school for advice

AmabelleOnabike Fri 17-Aug-18 16:30:04

Also in the West of Ireland but I would go to any GP I wanted. Our closest GP is rubbish too so if I were you I would get a recommendation for a progressive, active GP and dsee them. Unless you have a medical card? In which case you probably are stuck with the local one but you could always pay to see another. And be assertive about asking for a referral surely its none of their business if you want to pay the exorbitant prices to see a specialist!

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