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Selling Tickets - Billy Joel

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Bodear Tue 29-May-18 08:17:39

Hey, I have some tickets that I need to sell for Billy Joel in Dublin. Could anyone recommend which site I should use?

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I find is good for selling stuff-you are able to see other people and the seller’s comments as well as both the seller and the buyer’s feedback, which helps to make it more reliable and traceable (especially for something like tickets that people might be wary of) and you don’t have to pay any selling fees upfront so if you end up withdrawing the ad or selling them locally or something you won’t have lost out (although the selling fees afterwards are very cheap)👍🏼

Bodear Fri 01-Jun-18 13:58:56

Thanks! That’s really helpful I’ll have a look this afternoon.

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No problem-I often use it myself to sell things (including tickets) and so far all has gone well on it☺️👍🏼

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