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When do schools finish for the summer?

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BWatchWatcher Sat 28-Apr-18 20:43:54

We’re planning a trip to Tayto park and are hoping that schools in the Republic finish slightly after those in NI.
When do most primary schools finish for summer?

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TheOnlyPink Sat 28-Apr-18 20:45:32

M y kids school is finished on the 24th of june smile

Aragog Sat 28-Apr-18 20:50:38

I break up on the 20th July.
DD's independent school breaks up on the 13th July.

Aragog Sat 28-Apr-18 20:51:01

Oh, sorry - just seen you have said NI. We are in England.

BWatchWatcher Sat 28-Apr-18 20:52:42

I’m kind of canvassing for people in the Republic of Ireland ;)

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GrainneWail Sat 28-Apr-18 20:56:44

We finish up 29th.

BWatchWatcher Sat 28-Apr-18 21:21:59

I guess we’re all out around the same time then.
Oh well!

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gabsdot Mon 30-Apr-18 20:28:09

Primary schools will will finish on 30th June and secondary schools will finish sometime during the last week of May.

Eighttimeseight Tue 01-May-18 16:05:09

Most schools finish on the 29th, some on the 22nd.

eloisesparkle Tue 01-May-18 20:49:01

Secondary schools - both state funded and private and private primary schools finish at the end of May.
State primary schools towards the end of June.

noenergy Thu 03-May-18 00:34:14

If they break up end of May, when do they start back? Must be earlier than the start of September?

Littlelambpeep Thu 03-May-18 01:13:53

Noenergy- most schools don't have as many mid terms (two days in Feb for eg) and go back in August. 22nd June here

JaneJeffer Sat 05-May-18 00:53:53

29th June

Procrastination4 Thu 10-May-18 22:47:10

There is no standardization of the beginning and ending of the school year in either primary or secondary schools in the Republic of Ireland. Every other break (mid terms and Easter and Christmas hols) is standardized, but not beginning and end.

Procrastination4 Thu 10-May-18 22:48:48

No primary schools will finish on the 30th June as a PP stated, because the 30th June is a Saturday this year!

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