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How do I avoid a puppy farm?

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madragra Tue 20-Mar-18 20:11:08

A friend wants to get a Maltichon but wants to absolutely avoid a puppy farm. They've had a chocolate lab but sadly he died.
We both are ashamed and disgusted that Ireland is the puppy farm centre of Europe.
What can she do to avoid buying from a puppy farm ?
Are all Done Deal puppies from puppy farms ?

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Bubble2bubble Tue 20-Mar-18 20:20:45

Invariably yes. You won't mind a reputable breeder of 'maltichon' - it's not a breed, but a name made up by puppy farmers to sell crossbreeeds.
Cavaliers in Need is a good rescue for small breeds.

madragra Tue 20-Mar-18 20:27:40

Thank you

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Bubble2bubble Tue 20-Mar-18 20:47:17

There's also Mollie Moos Westie Rescue - not just westies but other small breeds and crosses.

madragra Wed 21-Mar-18 07:47:05

Thank you

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