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Dancing with the Stars

(12 Posts)
eloisesparkle Sun 11-Feb-18 20:23:45

Anyone watching ?
Some of the costumes are lovely.
A great effort from RTE I think.

honeyrider Mon 12-Feb-18 23:30:31

I'm enjoying it, fortunately it's got a UK production behind it and have to keep to the formula of Strictly or else RTE would fuck it up like they do everything they copy.

lorettaobrian Tue 13-Feb-18 21:49:41

Really enjoying it at the minute they do a fab job!! Love the professional dances and the music is more modern than Strictly.

Rex27 Wed 14-Feb-18 15:59:56

Enjoy it - but I do fast forward through a lot of it.

Don't particularly like the judges - especially the guy who sits on the right.

honeyrider Thu 15-Feb-18 00:24:06

I like Julian and think he's very encouraging unlike Brian who's bitchy.

Procrastination4 Fri 16-Feb-18 14:19:05

I record it and fast forward it through the ads, Marty Morrissey’s and Brendan’s dances, the judges’ comments (usually) and Nicky’s interviews until the results come up. That’s the way I enjoy it best!

honeyrider Sun 25-Feb-18 21:56:17

Marty went tonight.

GrainneWail Wed 28-Feb-18 01:40:55

Thank god he's gone. He makes me feel nauseous and creeped out in equal measure.

Maryz Wed 28-Feb-18 17:36:26

I quite liked Marty - definitely time for him to go, but I think he was trying hard and enjoying it (unlike Brendan who as going through the motions).

I'd be happy for any of the women to win - I love Deidre O'Kane and am very impressed by how fit she is at nearly 50 shock. I'm not so keen on Rob Heffernan, though he's improved a lot.

I'm really enjoying it - great costumes, good music choice, and even the judges have grown on me a bit this year.

honeyrider Wed 28-Feb-18 21:57:37

I like Marty but wouldn't vote for him.

BTW it's Bernard not Brendan. I cannot warm to Jake or Anna - she's an attention seeker on every programme she's on. I like Deirdre and Erin - both are really good and Deirdre has a great pair of legs, but I really like Vitali smile

Procrastination4 Wed 28-Feb-18 22:14:53

Deirdre looks so good-better figure than the rest of them!

Procrastination4 Wed 28-Feb-18 22:15:52

Yes, Bernard, but I couldn’t be bothered reposting!

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