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The Little Mouse In The Corner

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Want2beme Sat 02-Dec-17 15:27:24

I heard Pauline Dunnes's Documentary on One this afternoon and it really resonated with me. I know that I'm an introvert, but so much of what she describes has made me realise that yes, I definitely am and from now on I'm going to "roll with it" instead of doubting myself, thinking that I should be something that I'm not. The realisation brought a little tear to my eye. flowers to all of us introverts in the world.

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Want2beme Sat 02-Dec-17 15:28:52

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twinjocks Sun 03-Dec-17 21:47:16

I listened to that documentary too - it was very interesting. One thing I noticed, though, was that she was constantly using the word "quiet" , but from her story about herself, I thought that shy was more a descriptor for her than quiet. I think it's possible to be quiet and confident.

I totally agreed with the contributors who said that there is nothing wrong with being quiet. There isn't - we need all sorts.

Also very interested in the US quiet schools where pupils are encouraged to spend time thinking about answers, thus equally helping the introverts to have time to ponder and the extroverts not to blurt out the first thought that enters their heads.

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