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Cat Insurance

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Want2beme Wed 29-Nov-17 15:07:17

Any recommendations for pet insurance? I'm looking at a company called Blue Insurance, but would appreciate any suggestions.

HildaZelda Wed 29-Nov-17 20:26:24

I'm with Allianz. I did a bit of checking around before I took it out and apparently it's the one vets are most likely to accept. I asked my vet and they said that strictly speaking they're not really supposed to recommend a company, but then the vet nurse coughed and winked as she said "Allianz". Only took it out this year (have her highness for three years now) so haven't actually claimed yet, however a friend of mine claimed for her cat's broken leg during the year and said she had no problems, it was all very straightforward.

Want2beme Thu 30-Nov-17 16:59:31

Thanks so much for the info. I'll take a look at them and see what I come up with. It's good to know which company vets "prefer". I'm residing with 2 Royal Highnesses and don't want to be judged re their private health care. Off with my headwink!!

ClareB83 Thu 30-Nov-17 17:58:48

More than were very good and had good protection for lifelong injuries/illnesses. They paid out with no issues when my cat had two serious injuries in a couple of years that cost >£2k each.

I thought the price would skyrocket after those claims but it didn't. Then two/three years later it doubled and I left for Animal Friends. I haven't had to claim off them yet but they have good reviews.

Want2beme Fri 01-Dec-17 00:46:13

Well check out Animal Friends as well. Thanks.

Ciaorome Sun 03-Dec-17 02:00:55

A couple of things you should think about before you sign with Allianz.

Once your pet is ten they change the policy terms you can only claim back 65% of any claim minus the standard 100 E deductible.

Buy online for the discount. Most vets except you to pay in advance and claim back from the insurer

I had a multiple cat policy back when they were cheap, in my case i made multiple claims per pet per annum. Barring one particular claim they've paid every single claim without any problems.

That said, they raised their prices an awful lot over the last few years id be mindful of the cost before id commit.

HildaZelda Mon 04-Dec-17 18:02:05

Ciarome, I paid €150 for my lady for the year. Does that sound too much to you? I priced around a few and most of them seemed to be in or around the same.

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