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Food delivery to the Midlands

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mayorgoodwin Mon 13-Nov-17 20:17:08

Hello. I am looking for some help. My friend's DH is having some serious medical treatment. He is hoping to home for Christmas but will be very weak. I am living abroad but would really like to have some cooked food delivered to them. Unfortunately the Butler's Pantry don't deliver outside Dublin. Does anyone know of perhaps a smaller local caterer that I might be able have deliver some cooked meals to them. Tullamore, Kilkenny, Athlone, Roscrea are all within driving distance.
Thanks in advance.

hollyisalovelyname Mon 18-Dec-17 07:50:52

Bumping for you.

Fauxtatoes Mon 18-Dec-17 07:52:57

I would chance calling the local SuperValu and ask them to help out? They're locally owned so more open to appeal than the bigger shops.

Scruffette Mon 18-Dec-17 07:54:10

Or look up caterers in the area and ask them.

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