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RWC 2023

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WhatchaMaCalllit Tue 31-Oct-17 11:04:28

Will Ireland get the nod this time to host the RWC in 2023?

Breaking news on Twitter is indicating that South Africa is in pole position to be awarded the honour of being the host country.

eloisesparkle Tue 31-Oct-17 20:23:50

Despite the fact they'd fill the smaller stadiums in the earlier rounds and there wouldn't be empty seats and the craic would be mighty. We'd still have the big stadiums for the 'bigger' matches.
Still, apparently, all is not lost yet.

WhatchaMaCalllit Sun 05-Nov-17 19:09:58

I was reading a news story that Dick Spring (yes that is genuinely his name), has written a letter to all Rugby Associations who can vote on this. The fact that South Africa has been selected as the 'preferred' option doesn't mean that it is all over yet. Once the vote comes in, it could still happen.


WhatchaMaCalllit Tue 14-Nov-17 15:35:20

We'll find out tomorrow whether it will be held in South Africa or in either France or Ireland.

I really hope it'll be held in Ireland....

WhatchaMaCalllit Wed 15-Nov-17 14:55:46

So, out of nowhere, France has been selected as the host country of RWC 2023.

So, they have hosted the RWC in the past 10 years, they will host it again in 2023 and in 2024 they're hosting the Olympic Games.

France must have some deep pockets to be able to host so many world class events so close to one another...

gabsdot Wed 15-Nov-17 15:30:42

Better choice than SA

eloisesparkle Wed 15-Nov-17 20:38:38


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