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Dublin airport hotels

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Bubble2bubble Tue 24-Oct-17 12:18:07

Anyone know the closest ? Going on the bus to the airport, so needs to be walking distance please.
Booked on a very early morning Ryanair flight, I hope!

dublinia Tue 24-Oct-17 17:48:42

The Maldron I think.

7to25 Tue 24-Oct-17 17:49:35

Second the Maldon. In the airport and walkable.

usuallydormant Tue 24-Oct-17 17:53:57

Maldron is best - I nearly missed an early morning flight waiting on the Bewley's shuttle. Radisson also close but it had noisy rooms and a non working shower (not great to discover at 5am...)

marcopront Tue 24-Oct-17 17:56:43

I know this is irrelevant but this post brought back memories. I spent the night of New Year’s Eve 1978 in what was then the only airport hotel in Dublin. Our flight back from Nairobi couldn’t land at Heathrow because of the snow. Mum and us children watched the Sound of Music, I think, while my Dad went back to the airport to phone people.

Bubble2bubble Tue 24-Oct-17 19:37:52

Maldron it is then - thanks all!

peanut2017 Tue 24-Oct-17 20:32:55

Maldron Hotel is the closest to the airport - free shuttle bus service

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