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Separation-family home HELP please

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lauramcd86 Thu 14-Sep-17 12:50:08

I'm probably making this more complicated in my head. But if anyone has been there done that or has any advice I would really appreciate it! Here goes....
I have left a marriage. ExDH still living in "family home" (no children involved). He refuses to sell as wants to stay put. I could do with the equity so naturally I want to sell. He refuses mediation. Is my only option getting a solicitor and going the litigation route (€15k and more in fees?!?).
Thanks for reading.

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amixedblessing Thu 14-Sep-17 18:03:52

I have name changed for this.
Be careful.
A friend of mine separated from her husband. Children had left home. They initially shared the family home as it went through the courts. It was a nightmare despite her using one of the best known firms of divorce solicitors in Ireland.
She subsequently met other women who were treated appallingly in the Irish courts.
The Sunday Times did an article on how harsh those family law courts can be.
. I wish there was more information out there for people before embarking on divorce.
Mediation would be the best way.
My friend was not allowed get a divorce - her circumstances had banks swirling around him. Judge said No. Wtaf!!!
She still can't reduce her very small assets in case he might need money.
Yet we think he has money squirrelled away. The Irish divorce system is not cut and dried.

lauramcd86 Thu 14-Sep-17 20:15:50

@amixedblessing thank you for your reply. Oh lord..... this is not going to be fun (or easy!). Everything online seems so COMPLICATED so was thinking it wouldn't be particularly straight forward. Thanks for confirming this wink

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