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Homelessness in Ireland

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MarDhea Sun 08-Oct-17 11:29:50


NotTheQueen Sat 07-Oct-17 23:28:30

Personal responsibility is often non-existent. I was on a course recently where we did role playing, and got talking to my three other 'team members'. They are on a part time internship for long term employed, and should be applying for full time jobs, but openly stated that they won't as they only want part time. They're older women, in their 50s, and want to spend time with their grandkids. When I said they'd have a better pay, great for taking the grandkids to Spain etc, they said they'd lose their rent support etc.
Our neighbours are non EU, and are in social housing so pay maximum 15% of their income in rent. They work part time for a supermarket, which I'd guess isn't highly paid so at best they're probably paying €280-€340ish a month for a three bed which rents on the open market for €1600. They've upgraded the car twice and brought a caravan in the past three years, and the kids are fully decked out with better gadgets than anyone else. Silly me, but if you can't support your family without state intervention you should go back to your place of origin.
I read recently on another forum a post that the poster couldn't wait for her house as after 6 years, she'll be entitled to purchase it at a 40% discount on the market price as the in situ tenant. Surely it's a taxpayer asset, and if she can afford to buy, she should be moving. Tenancies for life are a joke.
There's no fear in being lazy and feckless, just the attitude if you moan loud enough the council or government will deliver it for free or near enough.

hollyisalovelyname Thu 14-Sep-17 18:07:45

I agree with you those cows.
Personal responsibility/ planning isn't a thing anymore.
I saw that programme too.

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ThoseCowsAreFarAway Thu 14-Sep-17 07:54:15

I do feel very sorry for families living in hotels. But I also think there needs to be an element of personal responsibility.

For example. On the recent 'Find me a Home' programme on rte there was a young couple who described themselves as 'homeless' as they each had to live with their families whilst trying to find a place together. They had a toddler and she was heavily pregnant. What happened to saving and planning?

I think no matter how rich the country becomes there will always be some homeless due to mental health issues. Just providing four walls and a door isn't enough for someone who has mental health issues or addiction issues. No easy answers but it is a huge problem.

Also, people who say they've been on housing list for years - my husband and I saved hard for years, we postponed having children until I was in my mid thirties, our first house that we bought was in a rural location (away from family and friends) - it was all we could afford at the time. But we stuck it out and we're lucky enough to be able to sell that and buy a small house in a location we love.

IWouldLikeToKnow Wed 13-Sep-17 08:58:20

I think it's the biggest shame of this country that in 2017 we have so many people homeless. I think there's just no excuse for it.

LuckyLuckyMe Wed 13-Sep-17 08:56:37

I think they are afraid to have estates of social housing.

Their plan to make developers put a certain amount of social housing into each development fell apart in 2007 and they have not done much to alleviate the problem since.

The amount of money spent in this country on non-essentials while people sleep on the street and whole families live in one room in a hotel/B&B is frightening.

Also, revenue from religion should be taxed and used to house the homeless.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 10-Sep-17 19:08:09

When the country was supposedly awash with money we should have been building social housing - another thing those governments should hang their heads in shame for.
In the 'hungry' thirties ( as described by my aged relatives who said food was scarce and times were really hard) and the forties and fifties, local councils built housing estates. Every town and city in Ireland has them.
In Dublin think Drimnagh, Crumlin, Ballyfermot, Marino, etc.
Why can't we do it now ?

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