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wobblywonderwoman Thu 24-Aug-17 08:58:41

Early I know... but I see Slane castle have started bookings. Could anyone recommend? We don't mind travelling and making a weekend of it.

Newtothis2017 Sun 03-Sep-17 17:50:11

Rathwood or Christmas island

TeacupsAndDaffodils Mon 04-Sep-17 00:34:56

Bunratty or Ailawee Caves are meant to be good but I haven't been. They book out early so keep an eye out online.

BiddyPop Tue 05-Sep-17 15:15:37

We went to the Green Santa in Belvedere House in Mullingar before - after going in through the Wardrobe Door (a la Narnia!) and winter wonderland, DCs plant a Christmas tree (to take home) and get wildflower seeds, meet Santa's hibernating hedgehog and get a candy cane - all directly from Santa himself. DD really enjoyed it.

The Santa Express steam trains are good, run by the Railway Preservation Society. They have some from Dublin (Pearse) to either Maynooth or Bray (they change year to year) and also from Belfast to (Lisburn or somewhere?) - return trips so there is a stop where the engine is detatched and brought around to the other end for the return. Every Saturday and Sunday in December. Santa wanders up and down the train talking to every child, his Elves pass out selection boxes, parents can get mince pies and coffee/mulled wine in the buffet car, and also wandering musicians/singers getting each carriage to do a sing-song.

Fota in Cork (at the golf club part) is supposed to be good bit we've never been. And there are new baby lions in the safari park and a 4 month old giraffe, and some new cheetahs as well I think, so lots of baby animals around for their first Christmas this year.

gabsdot Sat 14-Oct-17 17:16:18

We usually go to Causey farm. It's a really lovely santa experience.

butterfly990 Sat 14-Oct-17 19:49:11

My friend goes every year to the cottage. It is an intimate setting with Mrs Cluas welcoming everyone to their cottage. Mr Claus then makes his entrance via the chimney. You then go in a speak to Mr Claus in his kitchen complete with roaring fire.

TimeGoesBy Thu 09-Nov-17 13:59:45

The one in Winterval in Waterford is meant to be really good or if anyone needs a sensory friendly Santa there's a list here

Shopgirl1 Thu 09-Nov-17 21:08:56

We are trying Causey Farm this year, meant to be good.

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