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Generic school uniform?

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Cruciatus Mon 07-Aug-17 09:53:19

My 15 year old is at a secondary school where the head is strict about certain aspects of the uniform. The trousers can only be bought from one shop. They are twice the price of M&S's best so I have only ever had one pair of uniform trousers on the go at a time. They also are a bad fit for my tall thin child, one style does not fit all shapes. Thing is my child will not break rules so will not wear the M&S ones and risk the wrath of the head . However this article
Has me wondering if (this year) generic school trousers will be acceptable whatever the head says. I think the idea of a uniform is great but feel that this insistence on one type of trousers from one shop is not so great. Does anyone know where I would stand on sending my child in in essentially non uniform trousers (plenty of more rebellious children do this, my dc would have to know they are not going to get in trouble first). Fwiw this is not the only aspect of the school uniform rules I think are ridiculous but it is the one I want to stand up to. Of course in practice it is not me who will be doing the standing up.

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JenNtonic Mon 07-Aug-17 12:01:25

This infuriates me as it's an expense I struggle with and resent!
Send her in whatever you can afford and if challenged, tell your daughter to tell them to ring you, upon receiving said phone call, ask them to pay the rest ! Assholes.
I can understand that uniform is necessary but a pair of black trousers from a "non school shop" will have no bearing on performance at all. Don't understand why any school would want to make things difficult for parents. She's there, she's clean, she's on time, she's applying herself, she's got black trousers on, fuck off xx

squoosh Mon 07-Aug-17 15:18:26

This would infuriate me. Do you know any of the other parents? I'd be tempted to suggest you all have a chat and decide en masse to buy the cheaper trousers for your kids.

JenNtonic Mon 07-Aug-17 16:29:43

YES ! What squoosh said !!!! wine

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