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Anyone in Trim?

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sashimiyummies Sun 06-Aug-17 18:16:57

I've just moved here. We came back from the UK 2 years ago after a long time working there and lived in the West for a while. We were pleased to come to Meath because we finally got the jobs we wanted but i'm feeling mentally exhausted from moving and a bit shy about socialising. Does anyone know a good way to meet up with some other ladies for a bit of chat and to make friends? I'm a bit fed up of yet again have to start from square one getting to know people after so many moves and I was wondering if anyone had any tips.

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hollyisalovelyname Tue 08-Aug-17 11:57:58

Bumping for you.

sashimiyummies Thu 10-Aug-17 09:17:38

Thanks Hollysmile I suppose it was a long shot. Even just wondering if other people are in a similar situation.

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hollyisalovelyname Thu 10-Aug-17 09:43:27

I'll bump again.

Radyward Wed 16-Aug-17 22:52:41

Trim is a great town. Loads of clubs. There might be classes like aquaaerobics and such in knightsbrook. I know nook do upcycling classes of furniture etc. I did italian classes in the boyne school but met no one. If have kids its much easier to meet people of similar age as yourself. Book clubs ??
I get my hair cut in lauren's and have got to know them but its taken yrs (sorry )

tazzy73 Thu 17-Aug-17 01:37:38

Hi sashimiyummies,

Trim is a fab town to live. Like most little towns you need to involve yourself in the town. Get involved, find the local ladies groups. If you have children, put them in scouts, karate etc. It does work.
I'm only up the road in Athboy, give me a shout if it's not going well.

ThoseCowsAreFarAway Thu 17-Aug-17 11:41:27

Do you have kids? Toddler groups in the mornings can be an easy way to meet people.

It's not easy though - I think the older I get the less I understand how friendships work. I think too that women as they get older prioritise kids, job, etc and are slow to put in the effort required to make friends.

CarolinePenvenen Thu 17-Aug-17 11:43:06

Not at the moment but lots of family are. So no helpful advice but echo that it’s a fab town. You’ve made the right move!

MrsDustyBusty Thu 17-Aug-17 19:44:47

I don't know whether there's an ICA close by, but my mother found lots of friends there when she moved from Dublin as a young mother.

Of course, I don't know whether the young women join it anymore.

The local gaa club is a great way in, too.

ThoseCowsAreFarAway Sat 19-Aug-17 00:30:31

Check if there is a local notice board on Facebook too - there might be more stuff going on around you than you realised.

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