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RTE salaries and increase in TV license fee

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hollyisalovelyname Wed 02-Aug-17 16:25:37

Director General of RTE, Dee Forbes wants the tv license fee to be increased because of rising costs at the national broadcaster.
I say she should reduce the stars salaries instead.
We are told this can't be done as the stars will be poached by rival stations.
The DG should try it and see.

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ThoseCowsAreFarAway Wed 02-Aug-17 22:34:29

I have never paid a tv licence.

There - I said it. And I'm not ashamed of this. It's a ridiculous fee.

Tv3 manage to offer a good channel without a licence fee. And I noticed recently that BBC don't have ads and this is because they receive a licence fee - rte has loads of ads!

And stars?!! Are they joking? Ryan Tubridy is okay but very replaceable. Let them be poached - i bet there is plenty of talent who would jump at the opportunity to work for rte for a much lower salary. I think they confuse familiarity with like ability and talent.

hollyisalovelyname Thu 03-Aug-17 07:54:55

I like Ryan Tubridy. I think he is really talented. I like Marian Finucane too, and Joe Duffy. News at One, Sean O' Rourke and Morning Ireland are very good too. Bet I do pay my tv license fee and do not want to pay more to pay the 'stars' inflated salaries.
Dee Forbes just tell them the money isn't there. The hard pressed public won't stomach an increase so they'll have to take a pay cut or take their chances and try elsewhere with other stations.

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hollyisalovelyname Fri 04-Aug-17 13:40:27

How did Ryan Tubridy fare on BBC radio filling in?
To me he is a natural successor to Terry Wogan.

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