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Family Hotels near Dublin

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FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sat 29-Jul-17 14:21:04

Can anyone recommend a family friendly hotel with pool near Dublin that will do a good 2 night package under 300€?

I've been looking mostly to Dublin West and I like the look of the Kingswood Citywest so far (think it used to the the Maldron CityWest?), but Trip Advisor says its a very noisy hotel. Any other tips/recommendations? We will be driving down from Belfast and then taking the bus or Luas into city for a day.


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DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 29-Jul-17 23:10:07

Hi there,

We're moving this thread over to our Craicnet topic in the hopes that the OP will get some travel tips. smile

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sat 29-Jul-17 23:48:25

Thanks MNHQ

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FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sun 30-Jul-17 09:04:27

Hopeful bump!!

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Blondienut Sun 30-Jul-17 09:10:40

littlewoollypervert Sun 30-Jul-17 09:11:44

Killiney Castle

Blondienut Sun 30-Jul-17 09:11:56

Never stayed there but malahide right side of the city travelling from Belfast and can get DART train into town. A nice seaside village feel

Chiliprepper Sun 30-Jul-17 09:16:40

What about somewhere north and getting the dart in? The grand in malahide is really nice but possibly bit pricey.

WhittlingIhopMonkey Sun 30-Jul-17 09:17:50

City West is far outside the city and there's nothing really to see or do in the surrounds.

Try the various hotels in Ballsbridge eg Bewleys, Intercontinental. Talbot in Stillorgan should also fit the bill and is on a very frequent bus route to town (20 mins versus the 50+ mind the Luas from citywest takes)

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sun 30-Jul-17 09:25:45

Oooh hadn't thought of North of the city be honest! Malahide is a good call, will check out The Grand.

Any thoughts on Tallaght?

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Blondienut Sun 30-Jul-17 09:27:30

Malahide much nicer than Tallaght although tallaght dieshave Luas, shopping centre, cinema etc

shoofly Sun 30-Jul-17 18:04:49

Just typed really long post and lost it aargh! We stayed there last August...
In short Grand hotel malahide... fab food in bar, awesome breakfast, nice pool. Friendliest reception staff.
Tired, grubby family room with 2 double beds, (not even kingsize) Very stifling hot room with a weird box shaped type bay window and a full wall sized window. Neither opened. Totally inadequate ventilation and no air con. When I put (what I thought) was a balanced review on trip advisor mentioning all the many really good things as well as the room needing better ventilation, decent beds and a bit of an upgrade a very snotty manager took me to task and said they were standard sized beds, totally disagreed with all criticism. The last time I saw a bed that small was in a 3 star hotel in the middle of France on honeymoon over 15 years ago. Malahide is gorgeous though.

DramaAlpaca Sun 30-Jul-17 18:07:22

I've stayed in The Grand at Malahide & would recommend it.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Sun 30-Jul-17 18:17:15

I know quite a few people who have stayed at the Clayton in Leopardstown (used to be Bewleys). It's beside Central Park Luas stop on the Green line. It's close to the M50, but would be an extra 12 mins or so further than City West. I live in the area so can recommend some good restaurants if you're interested.

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sun 30-Jul-17 18:42:40

Thanks guys, checking all these tips out!

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hollyisalovelyname Sun 30-Jul-17 20:32:25

None seems to have a pool.
There's a gap in the market !!!!
A nice 4 star , family hotel close to the city with a swimming pool.

WhittlingIhopMonkey Wed 02-Aug-17 07:02:27

Intercontinental has pool. Shelbourne hotel does too

uthredswife Wed 02-Aug-17 07:04:28

Pilo hotel, Ashbourne. Very family orientated

hollyisalovelyname Wed 02-Aug-17 08:10:12

I doubt the Intercontinental or Shelbourne will come in at the price the OP stated in the original post.

January87 Thu 03-Aug-17 17:12:04

Pillo hotel Ashbourne, only a few mins from Tayto Park too but youwould need a car to get to Dublin City.

Castleknock Hotel also, again car for the city centre.

MrsCrankypants Thu 03-Aug-17 20:42:19

The Royal Marine in Dun Laoghaire is lovely, has a really nice pool and you can get the dart in to town easily

hollyisalovelyname Tue 08-Aug-17 11:57:27

Plus MrsCrankypants you can walk the pier and get a Teddy's ice cream.
Or Scrumdiddly's if feeling very flush.
And it would be cheaper than Shelbourne and Intercontinental.

Marine Hotel in Sutton too but I don't know if there is a pool.

Rachel0Greep Tue 08-Aug-17 15:32:34

The Clarion at Liffey Valley might be worth a look. I haven't stayed there so can't really help on that score, but afaik it has a pool. There are plenty of buses into the city, and some nice eating places in the shopping centre .

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