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Spanish student attacked

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hollyisalovelyname Mon 24-Jul-17 12:14:17

I am on no other public forum so I will use Craicnet to state my utter horror on hearing of the sex attack on the young Spanish girl visiting Dublin.
I am appalled by it and ashamed it happened in my home city.
Bail laws should be much stricter and better enforced.
Words of sympathy to the victim are useless in a situation like this.
I am so sad and angry that this happened to a young girl visiting our country.

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Setsailwithallmylove Tue 25-Jul-17 08:46:21

This was an awful attack - sickening. My daughter is only 6 but I can't imagine her growing up and going off on her first big adventure and something horrible like this happening. She and her family must be in a very dark place. Life can be very unfair..

WillowWeeping Tue 25-Jul-17 08:50:25

How on earth has he been released without charge?!

That poor woman

hollyisalovelyname Tue 25-Jul-17 12:22:09

I think he has now been remanded in custody.
The poor girl and her family.

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KanyesLunchbox Tue 25-Jul-17 12:29:25

My lay understanding is that he was released without charge while the file was with the DPP for review and determination about going for a prosecution, which is common practice.

It was a horrific attack on the young woman in question, I hope she is getting all the support she needs.

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