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Junior infant hearing screening

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vvviola Wed 12-Jul-17 11:33:49

Just got a call from HSE doctor to say that DD2 failed both attempts at the hearing screen at school. (We'll gloss over the fact that I have been trying to get someone to give me information about the second test for the past 6 weeks).

Doctor was very nice, reassured me that it was "only some sounds", and offered me what I'm presuming was a cancellation appointment on Monday (which is literally one of only 2 days in the next two months that neither DH nor I can take off work!). She didn't seem at all bothered that we couldn't make it and said she'd get in touch again soon with another date and would try to give me some more notice. She then hung up.

I'm left slightly bewildered.

Does anyone have any experience of how this all works. She didn't give me any more information other than "missed a few sounds in both tests" and needed to be seen.

(I'm a little less likely than usual to go "I'm sure it'll all be fine" in this case as DH has some hearing loss in one ear that he won't get checked properly - family legend is that he stood too close to a firework growing up, but given MiL's often bizarre versions of his medical history I'm a bit sceptical of the story when I was 8 months pregnant with DD1 she told me he had been diagnosed with mild spina bifida as a child, 4 years later in the early stages of pregnancy with DD2 when I was taking extra folic acid she claimed to have said no such thing )

Setsailwithallmylove Wed 12-Jul-17 20:55:21

You could organise a private test - expensive but would put your mind at ease.

I'm not sure how the tests work in schools - and I'm surprised a doctor would contact you in mid July? Presume test was done weeks ago?

My mil swears blind all four of her sons were 'talking perfectly' by their second birthday... memory is an interesting thing! My son has a speech and language delay and we were on public waiting list for hearing test. It took a year and a half! But is much quicker if you go private.

I have heard that kids can do badly in tests for all sorts of reasons such as ear infections..

Phillipa12 Wed 12-Jul-17 21:10:27

You could just go to your dr and say that your dd failed the hearing screening at school and could they refer her for a hearing test please. You should be refered pretty quickly and the standard test does not take long.

vvviola Wed 12-Jul-17 22:53:50

Re-Test was done at the start of June - we'd received a letter in March saying she had failed the first test, but not to be concerned as they would do a re-test.

And then nothing.

My Dad died suddenly in May, so I wasn't in the frame of mind to follow up immediately. When I did I wasn't able to get anyone, and when I left a message to be called back (with details of why I was calling) the person who called back was never able to help.

And then the call from the doc today - who didn't seem aware that I had been in touch at all before.

I'm not usually one to complain about the HSE, as I know there a lot of good people doing their best under challenging circumstances- but it has been completely infuriating.

I'm guessing the doc has been working her way through her appointment list (by urgency? name? school?) and has just got to us, hence the call in mid July.

I think I'll give it a week or two to see does she get back in touch, and then go the GP route, as if there is a problem, I'd ideally like to be working on addressing it before school starts again.

(She doesn't appear to have any speech or comprehension issues, her school report was good, saying she listens/pays attention "most of the time", other than being softly spoken sometimes and occasional bouts of what appears to be selective hearing, I wouldn't have had any concerns at all before now. But of course I now have Dr Google on the case hmmblush)

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