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How much do you spend on groceries

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bootygirl Sun 25-Jun-17 00:08:28

Just wondering what is a reasonable cost for 2 adults & 2 sporty DS's 16 & 14yrs.
Can I do it for €150 a week? Present spend is over €200 plus school dinners during term time.

I shop in Aldi mostly some bits in SuperValu & londis.

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Setsailwithallmylove Sun 25-Jun-17 09:18:53

I do a big shop, usually in Lidl (but sometimes Aldi for a change of scenery) for around €70 or €80. I then top up about twice a week - maybe €20 or so each time... milk, bread, etc. I might spend €10 to €20 in a wholesale butchers too - but this would only be once a month or so.
It's myself, dh and three kids under 6.
There are always little extra's too such as getting biscuits when visiting someone. Or an impromptu BBQ because the weather is good. Probably adds up to €140/€150 per week. Am always threatening to keep a spreadsheet and write it down for a realistic figure but think life is too short.
And how could I forget the Lidl specials?! They have Minion stuff coming in tomorrow and I'll buy a few things as presents, etc.

bootygirl Sun 25-Jun-17 11:11:53

Thanks for replying
I guess I am trying to get it down to €150 as we can spend over €230 some weeks and that does nt include school dinners of €40!
I buy my main roasts in londis butcher, especially any on sale and TBF he throws a little extra in!
I am probably soft with the top up shops for juice, yogurts cereal bars ect that the lads eat through immediately! DH says not to...

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HoosierDaddy Mon 26-Jun-17 15:01:03

Only me and DH here, and it can fluctuate madly between €30 and €150 (or more with take aways and meals out). I literally started a spreadsheet last night, we have a couple of big holidays and house improvements on the long finger, and we are wasting shit loads of money on groceries. Plus we need to lose weight. I'd be happy with €50 a week, with a Friday top up for weekend treats wine plus 1 big shop monthly to get cleaning stuff and to stock up on store cupboard supplies. Doing this week's shop tonight so will report back.

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