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Living in the North, working in the South.

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Oshbosh Sat 06-May-17 22:19:55

Does anyone on here do this? I'm about half an hour from the border, and work for the NHS as a HCP. I've recently came across a role within the HSE which would be the equivalent of a 1 band promotion for me but the salary is amazing compared to the salary at the equivalent NHS band, £15k better approx!!!
If you work in the Republic but reside in the north how does tax work? Do you pay tax to The south or to hmrc? What about national insurance contributions and student loan payments? And the marriage tax allowance? I went onto a salary calculator but I wasnt sure if it was correct when living in effectively another country.

Id be grateful for any advice or experience of anything I'd need to be aware of.

wigglesrock Wed 10-May-17 12:06:54

This website might be handy. You are responsible for paying income tax in the country you earn you income in (the South). You then need to fill in a tax self assessment tax return where you list your income and you be awarded a "credit" for any tax paid across the border in order to calculate what you owe in National Insurance. I have a friend who works across the border and has a much longer commute from Northern Ireland - he loves it. It has worked out really well for their family. He's a consultant.

Oshbosh Wed 10-May-17 20:32:05

Very much appreciated wiggles thanks flowers

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